At our state of the art CEFAS approved facility in Banstead, Surrey, when heating a Koi pond we at Koi Water Garden feel it is important to give the fish seasonal fluctuation in temperatures. The following table has been compiled after 30 years of personal research into heating Koi ponds. By following these temperatures and feeding regime you will give your fish the best opportunity of staying in good health.

This chart is designed to give your fish the benefit of heat without using exuberant amounts of energy. This is primarily to improve health leading up to and after our long UK winters.

By covering your pond, (cover must be placed 6” above water surface) will dramatically reduce heat loss and thus energy bills.

If following this temperature guide, there will be many months of the year when the natural ambient temperature is above that set on your heating system and thus energy will only be used if a cold spell occurs during these periods.

Temperature and Feeding Chart


Ideally increase/ decrease temperature by 1`C per week.

Never increase / decrease temperature by more than 1`C per day unless in an emergency.

When heating a pond continue with usual summer maintenance routine.



·        Only feed Saki wheatgerm / multi-season in the mornings and when fish are actively looking for food.

·        At low temperatures do not feed if the fish have no appetite, or during cold severe weather.



·        Ideally feed the fish little and often.

·        Only add the amount of feed the fish will readily consume within 5 minutes.

·        Feed up to 8 times per day providing the fish feed readily and the filtration is sufficient to keep the water quality in perfect condition.

·        Test water quality at least weekly for Ammonia, Nitrite and pH (Keep a record of the results)

If MAXIMUM GROWTH is required, please ask for our alternative heating & feeding chart.

If you have any queries, or wish to purchase a heating system, please do not hesitate to contact us