Purging your Drains
We recommend you open your waste valves for 10 seconds each week.During the summer, when your fish are being heavily fed, if possible increase this purge to 5 seconds every other day

Replacing your UV bulb
After 5000 hours (approximately six months) UV bulbs lose their effectiveness and therefore require replacing. A February change will ensure the UV bulb is working at its maximum efficiency during early spring when most required.

Cleaning your media
Never clean your filter with tap water. Never allow the filter media to dry when cleaning, return to running normally asap. Add FilterStart Gel after you wash your filter or do water changes Avoid cleaning your filter between October & February when it is too cold for the filter bacteria to replenish itself.

Replacing your Fine Particle Mats
(replace every 1-4 weeks) These disposable mats will remove any fine solids present in the pond water. Fine particle mats can be placed on top of your media to act as a final polish to the pond water