Spring Feeding

As temperatures rise to 10’C

During this period, usually between Febuary to April, fish start to become more active and will need higher amounts of protein. To help with their digestion we recommend you mix wheatgerm foods, with summer foods. This will help them get used to the high protein foods , by slowly increasing the amount of protein they are consuming, for the summer.

Summer Feeding

When temperatures are over 10’C

From April to November, temperatures are consistently above 10’C in the UK. During this time we recommend high protein foods. When temperatures reach above 20’C fish can have as much as 8 feeds per day, as they become more active in these temperatures. when fish are very active we recommend feeding them ‘little and often’, rather than 2 large feeds a day, this helps to aid their digestion.

Autumn Feeding

As temperatures begin to fall below 10’C

At the end of the year usually between October & December, the temperature in the UK will fall below 10’C. At this point fish will become less active and require lower amounts of protein. at this point we recommend feeding them a wheatgerm food which is better for koi & fish in  these lower temperatures.

Winter Feeding

When temperatures are below 10’C

During this period in winter usually between December & March the fish are less active and require low amounts of protein. In this time we recommend a wheatgerm food, as koi & fish cannot digest high volumes of protein when less active. If temperatures reach around 0’C or lower and the fish are not interested in food, they can go without feeding for short periods.