Today we had 3 harvest visits scheduled. As this is now our 5th day, we have good knowledge of breeders harvests schedules. This results in fewer farm visits but hopefully the appointments prove more fruitful.

We started at Hasegawa - as many of our customers know we have purchased his kohaku that are one of the purest Toimen bloodlines in Japan for over 35 years. Hasegawa is now in his 80s with his son not entering the koi business, it's a farm we will miss one day, but today we again found some stunning Kohaku and Tancho.

We then arrived at Kazehiro Tanaka before he had returned with his harvest and enjoyed a 10 minute walk around the mountain mud ponds whilst waiting - heaven! We then jumped on the back of his truck as he unloaded the harvest into several bowls. We selected some unusual koi including Tancho Kogane ochiba, kogane ochiba, kikokuryu, Asagi and Tancho kujaku.

Next stop KASE - stunning farm, stunning koi always a pleasure to visit one of the best run farms in Japan. The Tategoi shiro utsuri, Doitsu Showa, Dainichi x Sekiguchi bloodline Showa and Doitsu Ochiba are really interesting grow on koi - a particular 30cm Gin Rin Showa was also absolutely striking.