Maruhide was our first appointment - After only  a couple of hours of sleep in the last 3 days I thought a sensible bed time of 10-30 would solve the jet lag issue. It did until around 12 midnight when I lay awake until 4-30am. At least it gave me the chance to reply to several email and WhatsApp enquiries. Maruhide spent around 15 years working at the famous Isa Koi Farm. He believes in using very high quality parents' bloodlines from breeders such as Isa, Dainichi, Matsue and Maruyama and his koi are improving incredibly year on year.

Today we mainly purchased jumbo nisai Doitsu Gosanke. These koi will look stunning as their sumi finishes in the next year or two. We then continued to visit another 18 breeders during the day. Some breeders are harvesting at a rapid rate and will finish in the next week, whilst others are so large it takes several weeks to harvest. Although others won't start until next week. This is why it's important to take the time and discuss harvesting schedules with the breeders making careful notes when best to return.

We found some nice tategoi at Miyatora and it will be interesting watching these koi develop over the next few months. Several breeders gave us detailed information on forthcoming harvests and these farms will be re-visited in the next few days. We concluded our day in Junidaira mountains then popped into Oyaji before heading back to the hotel via Sakasume, Torazo and Isa. Early harvest in the morning - 6am starts for a 7am appointment. Fingers crossed I won't be sending out any emails at 4am !!

Remember Tategoi (koi with potential) - imagine the koi when its colours have come through as it fulfils its potential - this is the most important consideration when anyone is selecting a koi.