We had a schedule of 3 breeders this morning starting at 9am, then as I was answering my emails the phone rang at 6-30am and the schedule soon went out the window! By 7-00 we were all ready and on the way - the rest is a secret.

After lunchtime we were back to our schedule and this included visits to Hirasawa, Tsuna, Shintaro, Sakai, Marusho, Yagenji, Kanno, Ikarashi Kazuto, Nagashima, Isa Maruyo and finally some eye candy at Isa showa! Although some of these breeders had harvests, we do not always find the koi to suit our customers needs - so we find out information about forthcoming harvest and move on to the next farm.

At Hasegawa, Tanaka and Kase - there’s lots of unusual young undeveloped fish that you need to imagine once the sumi (black) and body shape develops - if you need help and advice please ask. Remember when we select koi we always look at it in a view of if doesn't sell, would we be happy enough keeping it to grow on?  And ask ourselves the question “If we grow this on for a year or so will it improve all round?”, If the answer is no then we do not buy the koi.