Firstly, sorry for the late replies to orders and enquiries last night, I nodded off as the email went out and didn't wake up until 5 am!! Hopefully all those who placed an order have received confirmation by now, If not please WhatsApp me on 07976 832 773. 

We left our hotel early to meet a new harvest from Kase koi farm. Kase San specialises in Showa, Doitsu Ochiba and his own special metallic Doitsu Ochiba (Kogane Ochiba) It is always a pleasure to see stunning koi at a very clean, tidy and organised farm.  

As planned we arrived first, so had the privilege of the 1st selection from the harvest. We then also had our first selection from a pond of newly harvested lower price koi and here we chose some great unusual fish!

We then moved on to Igarashi and Kobayashi to search for Arogoke, this variety is still very new and rare. We hope to pick up more Arogoke later this week. 

We then made several harvest inquiry visits to several breeders including Wada, Takahashi &Yamaguchi. These breeders are outside of the main Koi mountains area in Koide, so this involved several hours driving. 

This afternoon, we visited Oofuchi and selected some nice Koi prior to moving on to Marusei, to select particularly unusual koi that a customer had requested along with several other fish before the light Beat us at 4-15pm.

We stopped for Tonkatsu at a local restaurant  where we sorted out today's photographs prior to returning to the hotel to prepare tonight's email and posts.

Thank you all for your orders to date and for showing such interest in the first few days of our trip.

Please remember to contact us in Japan rather than the UK office to ensure you are not disappointed due to the time difference.

Domo Arigato 

Andrew San & Ben San

To Order please email 


Whatsapp 07976 832773

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