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Fish Health

Koi Water Garden is proud of its reputation of healthy Koi – staff are always willing to give advice on fish health problems and general care.

We stock a large range of cures and preventatives from leading manufacturers throughout the world. All treatments stocked have been tried and tested by ourselves.

Fish Health Home Visits

We offer a home visit service for both retail and commercial customers with fish health problems. These health visits are carried out by our most experienced fish health specialists whose daily tasks include ensuring the health of our stock of 10,000 fish remains in peak condition.

Click here to view photos of our on-site fish health visits,

When should I medicate my pond?

We strongly recommend a course of medication in the spring and autumn and also when adding new fish. It is at these times when the fish are at their weakest and most susceptible to disease.

You should use medication whenever your fish look unwell or start to behave differently. Don’t wait until your fish start dying – seek advice from a professional as soon as you notice unusual behaviour.

Important notes when using pond medication:


Most fish treatments require a minimum temperature of 10ºC/50ºF to work effectively


Always ensure sufficient aeration is present when medicating your pond – most treatments decrease oxygen levels in the water


Turn ultra violet lights off for 48 hours. This will ensure maximum effect as uv light breaks down treatments far more quickly

Biological filters

Do not turn biological filters off whilst medicating – although the treatment will decrease filter bacteria, turning off for several days will almost totally kill the filter


Stop feeding – 24 hours before and for 48 hours after medicating (total 72 hours)

Before using medication, please read the information sheets below.

  • Formalin & Malachite
  • Salt Dip