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Koi Buying Trips to Japan

We regularly undertake Spring and Autumn buying trips to Japan taking in farms from both the north and south of the country.

We differ from other UK companies by purchasing the Koi directly in Japan ourselves without using foreign agents, ensuring our reputation of stocking some of the most competitively priced hand selected High Grade Koi in the UK for over 20 years.

Our selected Koi are then shipped back to the UK by Taiki Koi Farm, whose owner, Mizolta San was a work colleague of Andrews when he lived on Kamahata Koi Farm in Japan in the late 80s. Ever since then he has been responsible for the export of our Koi stock.

Once the Koi arrive in the UK they go into our off-site CEFAS approved bio-secure quarantine facility and commence their 10-12 week heat cycle quarantine procedure, ensuring the health of Koi Water Garden fish reaching both our stores is second to none in the UK.

Buying Trips in Japan

Koi Water Garden offers the chance for a small number of customers to experience the fun and excitement of visiting and purchasing High Grade Koi directly from top japanese breeders.

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