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Japanese Koi for Sale

We are in the process of updating our Japanese Koi section of the website in preparation for our 2020 Autumn Harvest trip to Japan.

Please phone or email us if there is any fish in particular that you are looking for and we will do our best to source it for you in our current stocks, or if not we can keep an eye out for you whilst we are in Japan.

We endeavour to keep the website updated and to label all sold koi as soon as possible, but please phone the store on 0208 337 3337 to confirm the availability of any koi that you are interested in. 

The fish are currently in our DEFRA approved quarantine/growing on facilities. These Koi are not in our store – and viewing is strictly by appointment. We do still have approximately 1000 koi in each store to view.


Koi can be reserved from photographs / disc subject to a 25% non refundable deposit (100% for tosai) which is transferrable to other Koi for up to 1 week after you have been invited to view the fish during the quarantine period.


All Koi are fully KHV quarantined for 12 to 16 weeks in our state of the art off-site DEFRA approved quarantine facility. The Koi are rested in the 70 separately filtered ponds before we undertake the necessary parasitical screening, allowing us to medicate the fish accordingly. Once this procedure is complete the Koi will then undergo three heat cycles at 25 degrees celsius. This method of quarantine meets the highest level of DEFRA requirements and is carried out by our highly experienced members of staff


Fish are sexed when purchasing from the autumn harvest. The sex is determined from discussions with the breeders and our own testing. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy when testing one and two year old Koi and fish in colder temperatures. We do not accept any claims if the sex proves inaccurate.
We endeavour to keep the koi for sale pages current, however, some koi that may have already been sold may occasionally not have been updated on this site. Please email us to confirm current availability.
Once koi have completed their initial 12 week quarantine period and are placed in our shops or our tategoi growing on ponds at our quarantine facility prices quoted may then differ than those originally shown on the photograph.

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