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Our members loyalty card entitles you to discounts on various items at Koi Water Garden. If you’re not a member at the moment; sign up using the form on the right and we’ll give you a loyalty card when you next visit one of our stores.

Current Membership offers include:

10% savings off of all the following included products:

  • All fish foods
  • Coldwater Fish
  • Tropical Fish
  • Water Plants

Monthly Email Offers

We usually send all members a monthly exclusive offer by email. If you wish to receive these exclusive offers and  we do not currently have your email address or you have recently changed your email please complete the membership form so we can update your details.

Loyalty cards terms & conditions.

Loyalty card discount applies only to purchases made at either the Morden store or the Tolworth store.

Items that are “on sale” are excluded from the loyalty scheme discount.

Koi & Water Gardens Ltd reserves the right to alter the above terms & conditions.

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