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Juwel Aquarium Offers – ending on 30/6/17

Posted on June 20, 2017 by Helen

We’re running a really good promotion in conjunction with Juwel aquariums right now, buy any of the following aquariums and get it’s corresponding cabinet for free, making a huge saving:

Lido 120 – Tank only £325 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £159


Rio 125 – Tank only £325 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £165



Rio 240 – Tank only £485 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £235



Rio 400 Tank only £895 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £425


Don’t delay, this promotion ends when we close at the end of the day on 30/6/17. Call or pop in store to order.


New KWG Trickle Towers have arrived

Posted on May 3, 2017 by Helen

New KWG Trickle towers have arrived as of last Friday



IMG_6587 IMG_6579

Now in production, call for prices!

You can view a video of this in action here.


Juwel Aquarium Offers – ending soon!

Posted on April 27, 2017 by Helen

We’ve got a great promotion running in conjunction with Juwel aquariums at the moment, buy any of the following aquariums and get it’s corresponding cabinet for free, saving up to £499.

Vision 180 – Tank only £435 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £225



Vision 260 – Tank only £585 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £325



Vision 450 – Tank only £1095 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £499



Trigon 190 – Tank only £545 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £249



Trigon 350 – Tank only £995 – buy now to get the cabinet free, saving £449



All are available in either black, white, dark wood or beech.

Act fast, as this promotion ends when we close at the end of the day on 30/4/17. Call or pop in store to order.

Packing and sending koi on 26th April 2017

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Helen

We’ve been up early this morning packing some of our customers’ koi. They’ve been held and quarantined since our last November 2016 Harvest.

17990672_1346531065386108_7006139308321216072_n 18010594_1346531105386104_7447631611982431744_n 18056709_1346531068719441_2499902619483921009_n 18119243_1346531078719440_5936317791417258558_n 18157476_1346531082052773_8389818190828412198_n Exciting times!


30,000 Gallon Pond Build

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Helen

Here’s a 30,000 gallon Pond we recently constructed in Surrey; now completed and the koi safely returned. Gravity Drum and Biological filtration – all running nicely.

Here are some pictures:

Filtration Room

Filtration Room

Biologic 3000 Filter System

Biologic 3000 Filter System

Filter room and pump manifold

Filter Room & Manifold

Pump Manifold

Pump Manifold

Gravity Drum Filter Enclosure and Decking – Filtration Building to rear

Gravity Drum Filter Enclosure and Decking - Filtration Building to rear

Pond photographed from rear

pond photographed from rear

Pond and sculpture

Pond and sculpture

Arrival of new koi on 19th April 2017

Posted on by Helen

Breaking news! We’ve had a shipment of 1 year old Tosai come in on Wednesday 19th. They all arrived in good condition and without any losses. Quarantine procedure will commence next week, so watch this space!

Tosai Shipment 19.4.17 4 of 4 Tosai Shipment 19.4.17 3 of 4 Tosai Shipment 19.4.17 2 of 4 Tosai Shipment 19.4.17 1 of 4


2017 Early May Bank Holiday Opening Hours

Posted on April 18, 2017 by Helen


DATE:                                                                    MORDEN STORE                                                   TOLWORTH STORE

Saturday 29th April 2017                                       9.00AM-5.30PM                                                      9.00AM-5.00PM

Sunday 30th April 2017                                         10.00AM-4.00PM                                                    10.00AM-4.00PM                                                        

Monday 1st May 2017                                            9.00AM-5.30PM                                                      9.00AM-5.00PM





2017 Easter Opening Hours

Posted on April 12, 2017 by Helen


DATE:                                                                    MORDEN STORE                                                   TOLWORTH STORE

Friday 14th April 2017                                            9.00AM-5.30PM                                                      9.00AM-5.00PM

Saturday 15th April 2017                                       9.00AM-5.30PM                                                      9.00AM-5.00PM

Sunday 16th April 2017                                         10.00AM-4.00pm                                                              CLOSED

Monday 17th April 2017                                         9.00AM-5.30PM                                                      9.00AM-5.00PM





2016 Christmas Opening Hours

Posted on December 12, 2016 by Helen




DATE:                                                                        MORDEN STORE                                                    TOLWORTH STORE

24TH DECEMBER 2016                              9.00AM-1.00PM                                                   9.00AM-1.00PM

25TH DECEMBER 2016                              CLOSED                                                                     CLOSED

26TH DECEMBER 2016                              CLOSED                                                                     CLOSED

27TH DECEMBER 2016                              10.00AM –10.30AM                                            CLOSED        

28TH DECEMBER 2016                              10.00AM –10.30AM                                            10.00AM-10.30AM

29TH DECEMBER 2016                              10.00AM –10.30AM                                            10.00AM-10.30AM

30TH DECEMBER 2016                              10.00AM –10.30AM                                            10.00AM-10.30AM

31ST DECEMBER 2016                              10.00AM –10.30AM                                            CLOSED

1ST JANUARY 2017                                                CLOSED                                                                     CLOSED

2ND JANUARY 2017                                   10.00AM-10.30AM                                              10.00AM-10.30AM

3rd JANUARY 2017            (OPEN AS USUAL)      9.00AM – 4.30PM                                                            9.00AM – 4.00PM




Posted on November 10, 2016 by Helen

All koi have now been uploaded onto our website – please have a look and if there is anything of interest please call 0208 337 3337 to discuss.



Day 8 Japan 2016

Posted on October 28, 2016 by Helen

We started a little later to give us a chance to catch up with our email enquiries, orders and photo labelling. I now have several hundred photographs in 3 large albums. Its great to see them together and whats  immediately apparent as i flicked through them is what an amazing selection of koi we have now purchased and that some of the best and most stunning koi remain unsold. I recommend you go through our previous emails or view on facebook as I’m sure you may have missed that special koi your looking for.

Our first farm today was Ikarashi Ozumi famous for Yamabuki Ogon and creating the Beni Kikokuryu. Ikarashi breeds a wide range of varieties and the current young shacho (owner) is now really improving the koi. We purchased a stunning show class Goshiki along with some very nice quality brown Ochiba , Goromo, Goshiki and his super Yamabuki. We also at last were able to pick up a KI GIRO (yellow and white Kohaku) this new variety was produced by the Government and the fry distributed to a few breeders two years ago. This is only the third one we have ever found.

We then returned to Kase to view some newly harvested Shiro Utsuri, Showa, Doitsu Showa and Ochiba. We picked some good pattern Shiro Utsuri with excellent skin quality, and at last found some Doitsu Showa although the sumi is not finished I know from previous experience this will do so after a short while in the UK. After veiwing our previous purchases we said our goodbyes and moved onto our next appointment.

Marusei is the largest producer of koi in Japan, with nearly 300 mud ponds and lakes he has stocks of over 300’000 koi over 30 cm !!! With only a few staff, Yoshiyuki’s work load is rarely less than 16-18 hrs a day. It’s a convenient place to buy koi and we selected some very good koi from various ponds for several hours. We will probably return later in the week.

Thank you for your orders to date and if you need any help selecting a koi please drop us a email to 
Andrew & Ben


Day 7 Japan 2016

Posted on October 27, 2016 by Helen

We started the day viewing the new harvest at Yagenji koi farm, which as ever looks stunning in the pristine fish house. We successfully purchased some beautiful Showa, a very rare Aka Bekko and some very high class Kikusui that will be used as KWG Oyagoi.

We then proceeded to a small breeder called Aoki Masaki who breeds various varieties including Kuro Goshiki, Asagi and Aka Matsuba.  His Kuro Goshiki have a deep red which contrasts from the dark grey skin.  However, at 2 years old the Goshiki have a much lighter skin which soon darkens in the UK’s hard water.

After visting various breeders after this, we ended the day at Maruhiro. He recently won grand champion at the local show in the area.  Here we picked up various mixed koi including orenji ogon, hi utsuri & Kwarimono.

Don’t forget to ‘Like” our Facebook page (Koi Water Garden) for videos and updates during our trip.  Also please ensure that all enquiries / orders are emailed to us directly.


Andrew & Ben

Day 6 Japan 2016

Posted on October 26, 2016 by Helen

Our aim today was Takahashi koi farm in the Koide area.

Takahashi san is known for showa and in recent years beni kumonryu, doitsu kohaku & sanke.

I have purchased his koi for 15 years as they do very well in our UK water and are a favourite of many of our customers.

On arrival Takahashi san was  bringing in a nisai harvest and it was immediately apparent that many of the showa were more finished than usual. I discussed this with takahashi and he was very surprised himself. The koi had been in a different mud pond to previous years and we both concluded the water chemistry is obviously slightly different. We noticed that the beni kunonryu and doitsu kohaku were particularly good this year. Takahashi is always difficult to get prices out of, and he calls us “dangerous”  he says we always take the best koi!

We netted our selection and although the koi were very good he was reasonable with the price and intelligent enough to realise with the pound down 35% we needed some help!! He did however say “poundo – this year only” when finally accepting our offer. Its nearly an hours return journey we stopped at Marusei to select some jumbo koi off Yoshiyuki san. We purchased a few really high quality koi from the large ponds. These prices were reasonable considering the very high quality.

Purchasing large koi is always time consuming to negotiate price etc so as we left the light was already starting to go so we decided to return to our hotel and get on with the email. Thank you for all your orders yesterday. Looking through the photographs we have many amazing koi still unsold – please email us on koiwatergarden@gmail.com if you are looking for a particular variety and I will send you photographs of the best ones from various farm to help you select along with my recommendations

Andrew & Ben

Day 5 Japan

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Helen

We left our hotel in bright sunshine as we had made arrangements yesterday afternoon to view Marusaka (Hikarimono koi) latest harvest, unfortunately the ponds had turned cloudy when the new koi were added making it impossible to select our koi. On our return this morning the ponds were better but not good enough to select from. Marusaka agreed to fully net all 3 stock ponds so we could select. We purchase around 1 in 50 koi shown so as you will see from the photographs  we have some excellent Doitsu Hikarimono.

It took some time to go through the pond and was raining when we left. We moved onto chogoro – the worlds bestpurachina breeder! . We only buy purachina from Chogoro san as experience has taught us that when you compare the purachina side by side chogoro koi are totally superior.
After we finished the purachina we moved onto his larger koi ponds and found a show class kujaku and two lovely Goshiki. Please view the video on our FACEBOOK page.

We met Kobayashi to view his shiro utsuri harvest in the afternoon and although he had 1 or 2 super shiro utsuri the majority of the harvest was 90% Plus white – he hope the sumi will appear by next harvest.

We then returned to the hotel via the camera shop to print off the huge number of photographs so i can quickly mark off sold koi.

Thank you all for your orders to date

Take a good look at the photos
Andrew & Ben


Day 4 Japan 2016

Posted on October 24, 2016 by Helen

A beautiful sunny morning greeted us in Niigata. We set off at 7.45am to Tsuna – an older breeder and very much a farmer! However his koi continue to improve. We purchased some very good nisai Doitsu Sanke, Beni Kujaku and Kin Ki Utsuri before moving on to the sansai. Have a good look at the Tsuna koi as they really are excellent.

Next up to the highest dealer in the mountains – Oofuchi. He has many varieties and produces some super koi, unusually he will not sell nisai until the spring as they are not yet fully coloured up. We purchased several sansai of various varieties before moving on.
We then went to see a new harvest at Matsunosuke,
(Sanke), the skin was very poor, which can occur when koi are harvested however we were not happy to purchase at this stage. So drove onto Yamazaki koi farm.

Yamazaki san can be a “funny character” – today we got him on a good day and he agreed to let us sort through 5000 10-15cm tategoi of mixed varieties. If your looking for very high grade baby ochiba, gin rin ochiba, goshiki, hi utsuri, doitsu purachina, hikari mono or Karashigoi look carefully at todays photos – we pictured the best so they can be selected now.
We then went to one of the few breeders to win the All Japan koi show – Kansuke. Kansuke is a kohaku specialist. Such bloodline koi are very expensive however we managed to eventually negotiate the purchase of 2 excellent sansai jumbo female Kohaku. See our FACEBOOK page for video.
We ended the day by popping into sakasume who would not sell any of the baby Ki Giro – new yellow and white kohaku variety. So we returned to our hotel to get our many photographs prepared for this email

Andrew & Ben


Christmas Opening Times

Posted on December 22, 2015 by Helen

The team at Koi Water Garden would like wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Please note that our opening times over Christmas will be as follows;

Both our stores will be closing at 1pm on Christmas Eve.

We are ‘officially’ closed until 2nd Jan 2016, however we will be checking on our livestock daily and during this limited time we will be happy to serve any customers.

Morden Store – will be open from 10.00am – 10.30am on the 27th Dec until 31st Dec, resuming normal hours on 2nd Jan 2016.

Tolworth Store – will be open from 11.00am – 11.30am on 28th Dec until 31st Dec, resuming normal hours on 2nd Jan 2016.

Andrew’s Japan Blog 19/11/2015

Posted on November 19, 2015 by Helen

We began the day at Kaneko Koi Farm.

Kaneko San started the koi business 62 years ago at 18. He is still always present at the farm but his son now runs the day to day operation of business. He is famous for Beni Kujaku and Shiro Utsuri. At first we selected some nisai and then after this, netted his tosai Tategoi pond and selected through those. I like the Shiro Utsuri that he produces from the old Marioi bloodline crossed with Omosaka and Ishihara. The skin is very white and the black finishes well in our water.


We moved onto Matsunosuke and viewed his “always impressive” koi houses. I came possibly the closest I’ve ever come to swimming with koi here!!!!! Much to Bens amusement although some how my “dry record” remained in tact.


Our last purchasing call was to “Papa Hirasawa” of Marusei. An amazing story of possibly the wealthiest family in the Niigata koi business. Hirasawa san has two sons, The younger, Maruhiro started his own farm 10 years ago. The musuko (eldest son) – Yoshiyuki took over from his father a few years back, works over 100 hours every week, and lives with his wife on the farm (a former factory quickly converted after the 2004 earthquake)..even sleeping on the floor!! He has over 350 mud ponds/lakes and very few staff. When his father handed over the business to Yoshiyuki San, Papa, who is in his 70’s, then went and bought himself another farm which he runs on his own – I could go on, but seeing is believing!!

Andrew’s Japan Blog 18/11/2015

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Helen

Today was “Sakamaki 1st Nisai Tategoi Selection Day”  we travelled to Sakamaki early for our appointment with great expectation for several reasons; We had selected at his farm for several years and grown some of his koi on in the UK with great success, we had spent much time the previous week persuading him to let us select his Tategoi ponds first and 2 weeks before he intended to release the koi, But mainly because we had seen the High Quality Koi in both his ponds!

I helped Sakamaki net the whole pond up, we set out the bowls and got to work. Around 20 stunning Kohaku & Showa were selected from the first pond, before we netted , totally netted the second and began our selection. This pond had more varieties than the first,  we collected some really good Gin Rin Varieties, Tancho and a few Ochiba. We then sexed the the and took around 85% Female from our initial selection. I really recommend you purchase the Sakamaki Tategoi.

Once complete we move onto Ki Utsuri – always requested – never available variety!! Only 3 farms in Japan breed this variety all now located in the same street! We started at Otsuka and was initially un successful in negotiating, however after a quick conversation in Japanese discussing Doitsu Sanke i purchased from his Father 25 years ago! and how  he intends to reintroduce this variety and bloodline next year, the price was suddenly dropped and we were able to buy some top quality Ki Utsuri !!

We returned to Maruhiro next to collect some more Ki Utsuri, Benigoi, Hi Utsuri and Chagoi. Then onto Marudo to selected Chagoi, Doitsu Chagoi and Karashigoi. As it rain for several hours this afternoon the light was lost by 3.00pm so we returned to our hotel

We look forward to hearing from you

Andrew & Ben

Andrew’s Japan Blog 17/11/2015

Posted on November 17, 2015 by Helen

Yesterday was a long day! The email took until 11.30 pm to complete and send out. We have had great feed back from our customers and needed to get the sold koi organised, we therefore decided to have the 500 + koi photographs printed out for us to label tonight, this will enable us to answer your emails quickly and correctly.

Once This was done we proceeded to the Koide area, which is around 45 minutes from the hotel.
Takahashi San is famous Showa breeder but like many other specialist breeders, has unfortunately diversified to many other varieties which allows them to create good mixes of koi – but personaly would much rather have higher numbers of tategoi (most potential) to select and get my “mixes” elsewhere. He greeted us in a good mood and we were quickly selecting some very nice koi from him.

We then returned to Wada (Asagi specailist) to select tosai (1 year). This 3rd generation breeder is hospitable and happily netted two ponds for us. We selected Asagi, Gin Rin Asagi, Sanke (Matsunosuke & Sakai bloodline) Aka Matsuba & Tancho. We then dropped in on Kobayashi but were not satisfied with the skin quality on his Shiro Utsuri and chose not to buy any.

Hiroi Conias was our next stop we purchased some good koi here including a 60cm Showa with stunning sumi quality. We finished the day at Yamazaki, we selected a good Gin Rin Hi Utsuri and Brown Chagoi here. We then made final arrangement for Tategoi selection at Sakamaki and returned to collect our 500 photographs!!

Please keep viewing past and present Daily Emails (1- 8) we have many absolutely stunning koi still unsold, please also like our facebook page we are regularily uploading videos & photos at present.

Andrew & Ben

Andrew’s Japan Blog 16/11/2015

Posted on by Helen

Konban Wa
On every Trip to Japan some things never change, you need to be patient, often persistent, make good relations, be careful about burning bridges! And accept as koi production is influenced by nature, as well as humans every visit will be different from the last and there are no guarantees! Other than that, you will NOT collect all the koi you intended to !!!
By yesterday evening we had visited over 70 farms , some on 3 or 4 times, checking all the new harvests and getting updates from the breeders face to face. It was becoming clear that Goshiki, Shiro Utsuri, Showa, Tancho and even Kohaku were generally short in supply – today we concentrated our efforts in trying to resolve this problem.
We started the morning at Takanno, and found a few striking Goshiki and Gin Rin Goshiki and a very rare Gin Rin Budo Goromo. We then moved onto Hirashin and was amazed in the standard of the Goshiki, Hi Utsuri & Shusui we collected here (see videos on our facebook page)
As we moved to our next farm we notice Sakamaki was at his farm, we have purchased koi from him for several years but although we had visited several times he had been adamant that he would not sell from his two nisai Tategoi ponds until December. Today we got both Father and son together and agreement was made for us to return to select both ponds first, as Sakamaki produces great Showa, Kohaku as well as other varieties this was great news.
We continued to tour, visiting Kaneko, Hiroi, Nageshima (showa), Igarashi (kohaku) then concluding the day at Marusei where we collected some unusual varieties.

Thank you to all customers that have ordered to date Helen will be sending confirmation invoice shortly – please CHECK all koi ordered are on this and codes are CORRECT. As we have had a couple of customers emails that didn’t arrive !! We will always reply asap (always within 24 hrs) please send to me in Japan  and copy the shop to ensure received.

Andrew & Ben

Andrew’s Japan Blog 15/11/2015

Posted on November 16, 2015 by Helen

Konnichi Wa


A wet miserable day greeted us this morning. Unfortunately this means by 3pm the light went, where as on a bright day we can continue purchasing koi until gone 4pm.


We returned to Maruhiro first thing. He is the second son of Hirasawa san of Marusei. His father helped him start his own farm around 10 years ago. Maruhiro breeds different varieties from his father and elder brother. He specialises in Kwarimono – unique koi. We purchased some good examples of these including Benigoi, Ki Utsuri, Orenji Ogon and Gin Rin Hi Utsuri.


Marusaka koi farm was our next stop. The son took over from his father a few years ago and is really improving the koi. His Kikusui have incredible lustre and I think his Doitsu Sanke are really striking with deep sumi quality. We were please with the koi purchased although the prices were a little higher than expected to reflect this years quality.


Shinoda was our last farm we purchased from today, unusually we didn’t buy the nissai Doitsu Go Sanke and Hi Utsuri but did buy some super large koi from him.


We also popped into around eight other farms to view stocks and make arrangements for later on in our trip prior to returning to the Hotel


We’ve added a couple of videos along with the koi photos to our facebook page – please take a look and dont forget to like us !!


Andrew & Ben

Andrew’s Japan Blog 14/11/2015

Posted on by Helen

Konnichi Wa,
We had the “usual” 7.00 am breakfast of egg, cabbage, salad, pickles, mizo (seaweed)soup, rice, fsh and green tea, before making the trip to Oofuchi at the highest point of the mountains.
Oofuchi san and his family are A traditional farming family and a little unusual! Its a farm that you  seem to either have a wasted journey or make great purchases, luckily today was the latter. As you will see from the photos the koi purchased were superb. (Also take a look at the videos on Facebook!)

We then made our way to Kazehiro, whom is a really nice guy and a breeder that I have purchased koi from for 5 years. He really appreciates our business and today for the third year running once we had finished selecting larger koi,that included Doitsu Ochiba and Shiro Utsuri he let me net and select his Tategoi tosai  (1 yr old koi). Most breeders only want to sell such koi in box quantities to ensure lower grade koi are sold as well. Today I selected around 1 in 50 fish as I went through 2 untouched ponds.

Tancho’s were next on our agenda, and only good bloodline female koi meet our criteria when selecting these – Kyutan was our destination and we succeeded in finding four jumbo nisai females of Sakai bloodline all with great marutens – job done

Our next stop was Wada koi farm – Asagi specialist for over 80 years and now run by the third generation. Wada Koi farm breed beautiful Asagi and over the last 5 years Gin Rin Asagi too. Ive had lots of Asagi orders this year and I’m sure those customers will be very pleased with our selected koi.

We concluded the day a little early as it has been dull and the light was getting poor – the fact we didn’t complete the daily email and eat until 11.30 pm last night, may have influenced this decision too!

Please feel free to email and question regarding any of the koi on our emails they are all fresh in our minds and we will be happy to answer any queries.


We look forward to hearing from you soon,




Andrew & Ben

Andrew’s Japan Blog 13/11/2015

Posted on by Helen

Another bright sunny day greeted us as we departed for the farms at 7.45am this morning. Although only 10’c in a sunny fish house this feels like 25’c. We had decided to go “Doitsu-GoSanke,Showa and Yamabuki hunting”

Our first stop was Tsuna who we purchase from last year, we were pleasantly surprised not only did he have some stunning Doitsu Sanke but his Kujaku seem to have got much darker red and we manage to select some beautiful koi at really reasonable prices here.

Suda was our next stop, his father was the breeder that created Hirenga – long fin koi, although very popular in America they are not so sort after in the UK. Origanally Suda’s father produced Ogon varieties and Hi Utsuri now however he has succeeded in breeding many other varieties. We purchased some really nice examples from him. I have several customers chasing me for Hirenga I’m sure they will be very satisfied.

We then moved on to our appointment with Kase, he is quite a drive from the main mountains. For many years Kase has been famous for his Hikari Mono with great lustre, however over the last few years he has reduced this production whilst increasing Showa and started breeding Shiro Utsuri with good results. After lengthly negotiation we finally agreed the price on some of his high quality Showa, and then managed to select some really nice Doitsu Sanke and Doitsu Showa.

Ikarashi was our next stop he is quite near Kase. This breeder along with Izumiya are the leading Yamabuki breeders in Japan. The Yamabuki purchased today as you will see from the photographs have great lustre and a beautiful deep gold colour.

We hope that you are enjoying our daily updates and look forward to hearing from you.

Andrew & Ben

Andrew’s Japan Blog 12/11/2015

Posted on November 12, 2015 by Helen

Konnichi Wa

Day 3 began with a visit to Marusho – we purchased some 2 yr tategoi Ai / Budo Goromo a stunning Gin Rin Showa and several other varieties before proceeding to Matsunosuke, Yagenji, Marusaka, Iwashita, and Tsuna.
We then returned to Marusei, who were harvesting a mud pond of 700 sansai/ yonsai gosanke.
We arrived with the 3 trucks and it took some 2 hours for Hirasawa san, 2 staff and his wife! to unload the koi, but it was worth every minute! Once complete we selected some very nice female hi utsuri from the famous Marusei show winning bloodline, whilst they had lunch.

We then went to view the new harvest. I am of similar age to Hirasawa san and have know him for over 25 years – but it still took many hours to negotiate the purchase of todays Sansai & Yonsai – these koi are stunning possibly the best selection of large koi for 20 years !!!

Please remember only 25% deposit required now to reserve fish, a further 25% in February 16, with final 50% not due until 1st April 2016. Please email any order remembering to copy Helen in at the shop.

Its 10 pm now and were off to dinner. Have a good day Andrew & Ben


P.S if you “Like” our Facebook page we are updating farm pictures daily on there.

Andrew’s Japan Blog 11/11/2015

Posted on November 11, 2015 by Helen

Konnichi wa

We returned to Hasegawa san at 8am this morning to select the kohaku we spotted yesterday.

I first purchased from Mr Hasegawa 27 years ago and have done so on nearly every visit to the mountains of Ojiya, Niigata since. My selection is made with knowledge and experience of how these stunning kohaku develop in our ponds. The Hi (red) continues to darken until 4 years old, the skin becomes a soft white and the body shape will bulk up, even on koi that look slender now.

Hasegawa san is now 75 and runs the farm with only the assistance of his 73 year old wife. They are lovely people and negotiations are never too difficult. He is happy to let us net his ponds ourselves and we took the opportunity to select mainly female koi. We started with nisai (2yr) before moving on to larger fish. We finished with a coffee and a quick chat where he showed us photos of his recent champion kohaku, before moving on.

We proceeded to Isa, Torazo, Maruhiro, Miyaishi before purchasing from the leading Aigoromo breeder in Japan – Sakasume. Sakasume breeds other varieties including hikari mono and gosanke. We purchased some good nisai koromo and a few larger koi here.

The rest of the day was spent concluding our initial scouting mission viewing koi at Marudo, Kazehiro, Shintaro, Oya, Hiroi Conias, Nageshima, Marusaka, Shinoda. We finished at Isa’s stunning new Sansai fish house the stock of showa was absolutely amazing.

Andrew’s Japan Blog 10/11/2015

Posted on by Helen


I arrived in Japan at 7.30am this morning after a 12 hour flight. From Haneda airport I travelled via the monorail local train and Shinkansen to Ojiya where I met up with Ben at around 1.30pm.

We decided to spend the rest of the day on a scouting mission and managed to fit in quick viewing only visits to 14 farms including :-














Marusei. (Pappa)

We bumped into a few breeders and exchanged greetings but as you can tell the visits were pretty quick. Quite a few of the farms were open for us to conduct a quick tour on our own prior to continuing on our route. We also took the opportunity to make many appointments for the next few days.

We only purchased from Chogoro today, who is the leading breeder of Purachina in Japan so we were happy from experience to buy immediately.



Andrew is in Japan!!

Posted on November 10, 2015 by Helen

Andrew has arrived safe and sound in Japan for this year’s Autumn Harvest Trip!

He will be hand selecting High Grade, Show and Tategoi (koi with potential) whilst he is there.

There is still time to let us know if you are interested in any unusual or unique Koi whilst he is there

Trip to Japan 2015

Posted on October 21, 2015 by Helen

Our Annual “Autumn Harvest” trip to Japan is very nearly upon us!!

Andrew will be selecting some of the best tategoi (koi with potential) show and high grade koi available from Nigata’s top breeders.

As our trip this year is at the height of the harvest Andrew will be visiting over 50 breeder’sfacilities as they bring in the koi from the lakes.

Andrew has been visiting many of the breeders since the end of the 1980’s and has built up strong relationships over the years. Some of the breeders reserve koi for Andrew’s first viewing and offer access to their tategoi ponds that are usually “sold”.

All koi will arrive in the UK in December and will then commence a minimum of 12 weeks triple heat cycled quarantine programme. Our quarantine facility meets the highest CEFAS regulations. As well as KHV quarantine during this time they will also have any appropriate parasite and bacterial treatments. If you have previously purchased from us you will know thehealth of our koi, once quarantined is second to none in the UK.

If you wish to reserve a High Quality Koi a 25% deposit will be required. You will be then invited to view your selected koi at our quarantine facility, if you are not 100% happy with your selection or prefer an alternative koi you  can transfer your deposit without loss. A second deposit of 25% will be due in February 2016 and the remaining 50% payable on 1st April 2016 around this time the koi will be ready for collection as the weather improves

If you wish to receive daily emails of koi purchased whilst Andrew is in Japan please email koiwatergarden@btconnect.com you are also welcome to advise of any particular requirements you may have. 

Koi Sale

Posted on September 18, 2015 by Helen

Fantastic Sale now on –
Up to 75% off High Grade Japanese Koi !!!
Why not pop into either our Morden or Tolworth Stores and grab yourself a HUGE bargain!

10% off Fish Feeders!

Posted on August 17, 2015 by Helen

We are currently offering our Members 10% OFF on all our Fish Feeders!!
This offers ends 31-08-2015.
Make sure you grab yourself this fantastic offer before our stocks go!!

New stock of High Grade Japanese Koi

Posted on August 14, 2015 by Helen

New Japanese Koi update!!!
Our last shipment of Japanese Koi are now fully quarantined and are being distributed between the Morden and Tolworth Stores on a weekly basis. Why not pop in and take a look at our stunning Koi and take away a bargain today!!

Summer News and Offers

Posted on August 5, 2015 by Helen

Don’t forget that your fish will need to be fed on a High Protein diet over the Summer – with increased temperatures and feeding your maintenance will need to be increased too!

With this in mind – have you noticed that your pond in becoming dirty despite increased maintenance? If this is the case you may need to have a look at your filter as an inadequate filtration system will eventually cause health problems in your fish along with increasingly dirty/green water.

We can offer assiatance in choosing the best system for your pond and budget – why not email, give us a call or pop in to one of our stores for advice?

SPECIAL OFFER 10% OFF All Pipework/Fittings purchased with a Filter
Offer ends 31.08.2015


Posted on June 5, 2015 by Helen

All sold Koi have now been updated on our website. If you wanted to buy one that is showing as sold , please do contact us as we may have a fish very similar!

Our recently quarantined High Grade Japanese Koi will be distributed between our Morden & Tolworth Stores within the next week – so don’t forget to pop down and check out our new stock!

Don’t forget our Facebook page is now up and running – so please head over and ‘like’ to receive regular updates and special Facebook offers!

April 2015

Posted on April 10, 2015 by Helen

The first of the Koi from our trip to Japan have now completed their quarantine cycles and are now being bought into both our stores.

Don’t forget that now is the time to change UV bulbs and treat ponds for parasites.

Spring 2015

Posted on March 13, 2015 by Helen

Spring may have arrived with pond temperatures rising quickly.

It’s now time to change your UV bulb and commence fish parasite treatments before dosing your pond for blanket weed.

Alternatively let us do it all for you!!! Give us a call to find out more!

Our KOI from the November visit to Japan have now completed their 12 week quarantine.

Any customers who have reserved KOI can now arrange a viewing of your selected fish!

Our website is now mobile friendly and we are also setting up Facebook and Instagram pages – why not look us up soon!

Spring Food and Water Plants are NOW in stock in both Morden and Tolworth Stores! 

Andrew and Ben Trip to Japan – updated 13.11.14

Posted on November 13, 2014 by Helen

Andrew and Ben are currently in Japan purchasing new koi stocks.  A full selection of our FULLY PRICED and newly purchased koi will be uploaded onto our website shortly after their return.

As you can see below from Andrew and Ben’s first two days purchasing they are having a very successful trip and will have many more photographs of purchased koi for you to view.  If you have any requirements please email koiwatergarden@btconnect.com and they will send you over photographs of any specific koi you require. 

Tuesday 11th November 2014

Andrew and Ben arrived in Ojiya, Niigata just after lunch time today. They quickly “dumped their cases” and set off to see some koi.

Firstly they dropped into Mr Hirasawa to have a quick look at his fish houses followed by a very quick coffee and a chat. 

Then it was onto their second stop –  Mr Sakasume to view his 3 fish houses. They will return to these breeders later on to purchase koi.

Andrew and Ben then visited Mr Shinoda’s facility. Here they purchased some stunning HI UTSURI from his 1 mtr + parents along with some super DOITSU SHOWA and SANKE. They also purchased some GIN RIN SHOWA here.

The day was finished off at Mr Hiroi’s but the light beat them, so they will return later in on in their trip.

Wednesday 12th November 2014

Yesterday morning Andrew and Ben visited one of their favourite breeders, Mr Hasegawa. Andrew first purchased Kohaku from him in the late 80s. Mr Hasegawa Kohaku are of Tomoin bloodline with Manzo and Murata bloodlines added for growth and deep red. His koi are one of the purist bloodline left in Japan. Many top breeders purchase potential parents stocks from Hasegawa for this reason. Mr Hasegawa selects severely from the original 200,000 fry in the spring, he keeps only 5% of tosai after 5 cullings by autumn. The following spring, 650 koi are selected to grow on – 1 in 300 fish!! By 3 years this number is under 50 !! As usual Andrew was not disappointed and purchased some beautiful TATEGOI including some KOHAKU, TANCHO, SANKE and SHOWA. I really recommend Hasegawa fish for growing on. The reds will continue to darken until the fish is 4 years old.

 A further 5 breeders were visited this afternoon but either the koi were still “in rest” after being harvested or were not what we required. We have made appointments to return later in the week to select the “resting koi “

If you wish to see pictures of our newly purchased koi please contact us now giving your email address.

Koi Water Garden Trip to Japan November 2014

Posted on October 24, 2014 by Helen

Our annual trip to Japan is very nearly upon us!!  Andrew and Ben will be arriving in Japan on 11th November 2104 for a two week stay.  They will be selecting some of the best tategoi (koi with potential) show and high grade koi available from Nigata’s top breeders.

As our trip this year is at the height of the harvest Andrew and Ben will be visiting over 50 breeder’s facilities as they bring in the koi from the lakes. Andrew has been visiting many of the breeders since the end of the 1980’s and has built up strong relationships over the years.  Some of the breeders reserve koi for Andrew’s first viewing and offer access to their tategoi ponds that are usually “sold”.

All koi will arrive in the UK in December and will then commence a minimum of 12 weeks triple heat cycled quarantine programme.  Our quarantine facility meets the highest CEFAS regulations.  As well as KHV quarantine during this time they will also have any appropriate parasite and bacterial treatments.  If you have previously purchased from us you will know the health of our koi once quarantined is second to none in the UK.

If you wish to receive emails of koi purchased whilst Andrew and Ben are in Japan please email koiwatergarden@btconnect.com with any particular requirements you may have.  Any koi you wish to reserve will require a 25% deposit.  Once you have viewed the koi in the flesh and you are not 100% happy with your selection you can find an alternative koi you prefer and you can transfer your deposit.  A second deposit of 25% will be due in February 2015 and the remaining 50% will be payable on April 2015 when the koi are ready to be collected.



August News

Posted on August 12, 2014 by Helen

Our May arrivals of small Koi have now completed their CEFAS approved triple heat cycled quarantine procedure. These fish are now being moved to our Morden and Tolworth stores. We have also recently added many new fish from our existing quarantine stocks from 6″ – 24″, if you haven’t recently viewed our stocks please come again and have a look at the new fish.

The long hot period has resulted in some super growth this year. Whilst temperatures are constantly warm you can feed the fish up to 6 or 8 times a day. Please ensure you keep an eye on the water quality and remember it is much better for your fish and filter system to feed regular small amounts rather than 1 or 2 large feeds.

Unfortunately, the hot weather does decrease the oxygen level in the pond so please ensure all pumps and air pumps are left on 24 hours a day 7 days a week and if you do not currently have an air pump on your system we strongly recommend this safeguard is added as an insurance policy as fish will only survive a few hours if pump failure occurs in such temperatures.

May News

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Helen

After the recent warm spell we had an influx of customers worried that their fish were in trouble due to a lack of oxygen, we strongly recommend all customers add extra air via pond air blowers, prices start from as little as £32.99.

We have also had many customers advising that their fish have begun spawning in the recent warm spell, please ensure you keep an eye on the water quality and reduce your feeding for a week or so after spawning. If you wish to keep and raise some of the eggs and fry spawning brushes are available in both stores.

New Tosai Arrivals from Japan.

We have recently received a shipment of 1 year old Koi from the Niigata region in Japan, these young Koi are now commencing our CEFAS approved quarantine procedure. More details to follow later.

May News

Posted on May 9, 2014 by Helen

This week we have managed to get several hundred new high grade Koi into the Morden store and will be adding a similar number to the Tolworth store in the next couple of day.

All customers should have now already completed their spring treatment and changed their UV bulb and began using high protein Summer feed. If you are unsure please feel free to call and ask our experienced staff regarding any of the spring maintenance procedures.

We would also like to welcome Seb and Scott as specialist tropical aquarists to the Koi Water Garden team. Our expansion of the pond construction, maintenance and health side of the business has also allowed us to employ 4 new members for the outside teams David, Ryan, Billy and Joe.

Spring Advice

Posted on April 25, 2014 by Helen

As Spring is now with us, our fish have finished their 3 month CEFAS approved quarantine procedure and are being introduced from our quarantine site to both the Morden and Tolworth store on a regular basis.

By now you would have hopefully completed a parasite treatment on your pond as after a long mild winter parasite levels will be higher than usual. If you haven’t yet done this we strongly recommend you do so before the parasites become a problem that could lead to fatalities.

Once your parasite treatment is complete remember to give your filter a good Spring clean using pond water, change the UV bulb and treat the pond for blanket weed.

1/2 Price Sale

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Helen

Our 1/2 price sale on all quarantine Japanese Koi is now on.

This sale will be on for a limited period of time to make space for the many thousands of hand selected, healthty
Japanese Koi now fully quarantined and being held in our off site facility.

This website has been updated as you have hopefully seen. The Koi for sale section is far easier to navigate
than our previous site. You will also notice that our on site services section has been updated with our recent

I hope all members have received their recent newsletter, please advise of any changes are required on your current registration details.

We will shortly be offering members monthly special offers via emails so please forward your email addresses if you have not previously received these offers.


New Japanese Koi stocks arrived from Japan

Posted on February 21, 2013 by admin

All of the Japanese Koi hand selected by Andrew and Ben during their trip to Japan in January arrived in the UK on the 14th February.

We are pleased to report the fish arrived in good condition at our quarantine site and are now commencing their 12 week CEFAS approved quarantine procedure.

Many customers are now starting to reserve fish either from the photographs on our website (click to view), the free CD of all our new purchases or from selecting from the photobook at our Morden and Tolworth stores.

If you have any interest in any of the new Koi currently in quarantine we strongly recommend you contact us quoting the reference on the photograph so we can give you the price and any other information you wish to know about the particular Koi you are interested in.

Reservation is on a first come first serve basis so once deposited from photograph you have an option of switching your deposit if you see a different Koi when you view the fish in the flesh, however over 95% of the fish reserved from photograph are taken home by our customers who are generally more impressed when they see their original selection.

To secure a fish, a 50% deposit is required and the remaining 50% balance is due when the fish are collected around the end of April.

Court Farm

The Court Farm garden centre that our Tolworth store is located in, will be opening their cafe and garden centre restaurant at the end of March. The Garden centre is near completion of its refurbishment and hopefully you will appreciate the great improvements they have made over the last 2 years since Koi Water Garden opened the Tolworth branch.

Graham Dinnage Joins KWG Team

We are pleased to announce that Graham Dinnage has joined the KWG team this February.

Graham has worked in the aquatics industry for over 30 years. Initially starting with Seymour’s, before moving to Chessington Garden Centre and more recently at Heritage Aquatics.

Graham will be working at both stores, but predominately at the Morden store. The addition of a such an experienced tropical and marine specialist will hopefully be a great benefit to both the company and our customers.

Update on Andrew and Ben’s visit to Japan 2013

Posted on January 29, 2013 by Helen

Andrew and Ben are currently in Japan and have reported back that the quality of high grade koi they have selected is excellent and that they are having an extremely successful trip despite having heavy downfalls of snow every day as you can see from their pictures below!!!!!

These high grade koi are now available for sale and if you wish to view any of our selected high grade koi please contact us at koiwatergarden@btconnect.com.

We are in Japan from 21st – 1st February

Posted on January 9, 2013 by admin

Any customers looking for particular Koi, please email Andrew or Ben or call us on 0208 337 3337 to discuss your requirements.

Any Koi that we consider will be of interest to you can be emailed direct to yourself whilst we are still in Japan.

The photo book with all our newly purchased High Grade Japanese Koi will be available for customer viewing by mid February.


Posted on November 22, 2012 by admin

Both the Morden and Tolworth stores now house an extensive range of reptiles. Our staff will be happy to show you any reptile that you have an interest in and likewise if any of our customers have a fear or dislike for reptiles they will be happy to put any reptiles back the vivariums whilst you are in the store.

Japan 2013

Posted on November 14, 2012 by admin

We are in the process of planning our 2013 trip to Japan with our Japanese suppliers.

Andrew and Ben wil be departing from the UK at the end of January and will be visiting over 50 breeders selecting some of the highest quality Koi in the UK.

These will be returning during February and undertaking our usual 12 week quarantine prior to sale in our stores.

Any customers looking for that special fish, please call Andrew or Ben prior to their departure and discuss your requirements with them.

Court Farm Garden Centre

Posted on October 20, 2012 by admin

For all our customers that have recently visited our store at Court Farm Garden Centre, Tolworth, will have seen that the next stage of renovations are well on the way.

The main garden centre building and toilet facilities are now under construction and the range of quality plants and related products will continue to increase accordingly.