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Pond Cleaning & Maintenance Services

For over 30 years Koi Water Garden has offered professional on site services to assist our customers in every aspect of their hobby, from small water features and garden ponds, to high tech koi ponds and lakes.Our experienced teams are fully trained to deal with virtually all pond products on the market. We have an extensive range of new products and spares in store and are able to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.We are specialists in fish health, maintenance and pond cleaning. We are able to solve any pond issues from parasite problems to removal of blanketweed and duckweed.

Pond Maintenance

We have 4 teams on the road carrying out maintenance on a daily basis. Whether you require an annual maintenance or a regular monthly contract, we are happy to tailor our visit to suit your requirements and budget.

We also undertake one off visits to maintain ponds or resolve issues, such as installation of a new pond pump or UV light.

Maintenance visits are not to be confused with a full pond clean where the fish are removed and the pond fully drained.

Pond Maintenance can Include

- Filter clean
- Clean and service pond pump
- Service UV light and change bulb (every 6 months)
- Pond vacuum
- Clean waterfall/fountain
- Check lighting/clean lenses
- Check auto feeder
- Pond plant trim and tidy & plant repotting (optional if required)
- Pond netting/relining heron posts
- Visual fish health inspection
- Water tests (if required)
- Fish parasite treatments (if required)
- General pond treatments
- Blanketweed/duckweed treatments (if required)
- Delivery of food/treatment & fish (if required)
- Aquarium installation & maintenance visits also Available

Maintenance prices from £135-00 + VAT per hour!

Please note that Pond Maintenance visits are charged pro-rata and rates can vary depending on distance and duration of a maintenance visit!Depending on visit duration and customer priorities:

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Pond Cleaning

There is no doubt that a full pond clean, where the fish are stored in an temporary holding pond prior to the pond being fully drained and jet washed, gives the customer the satisfaction of having their pond looking new again.

It is also a great opportunity to upgrade the pond pump and filter system, as well as checking for leaks to the pond liner.

We also repot marginal water plants and lilies whilst carrying out the pond clean.

Full Pond Cleans can Include

- Removing fish into temporary aerated holding pond
- Fully drain the pond
- Jet wash pond and waterfall removing algae and debris
- Check pond shell for damage
- Clean and service pond pump
- Clean and service UV light and cleaning quartz
- Change bulb (if required)
- Re-pot and trim plants and lilies (as required)
- Add dechlorinator to condition tap water
- Add filter start to re-establish bacteria
- treat pond for blanketweed (if required)
- Inspect fish health prior to being returned
- Removing waste from sight
- Jetwashing surrounding areas
- Pond recommendations
- leak investigations

Pond Cleans From £295-00 + VAT!

Please note that Pond clean prices are individually estimated, To meet your requirements!

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Fish Health Visits

Koi Water Garden have been leading fish health specialists since 1992. Our team of experienced staff are responsible for the daily care of over 5000 fish.

We can diagnose most health issues on first inspection this will then be confirmed once further microscope skin scrapes and tests are undertaken.

The appropriate course of treatments will then be administered and advise given to reduce the risk of recurrence

Fish Health Visits can Include

Depending on visit duration and customer priorities:
- Visual fish health inspection
- Water tests
- Microscopic fish skin scrape (to diagnose parasites)
- Administering Parasite treatment (if required)
- Repeat parasite treatments (required to fully eradicate)
- Bacterial treatments
- Identification of probable cause- Anaessthetising of fish prior to topical treatments:
- Wound cleaning
- Fish injections
- Bio Swabs for lab diagnosis
- Short-term treatment baths

Fish Health visits prices from £135-00 + VAT /per hour!

Please note that Fish health visits are charged pro - rata, price can vary depending on location and duration of a health visit!

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a man holding a plastic bag filled with food

Fish Packing & Transportation

Koi Water Gardens has packed and exported koi throughout the world. In some cases the koi have been packed and boxed for a total journey of up to 48 hours.

We regularly provide a service to local customers moving to new properties in the UK. For these customers, we can pack the fish to be placed on the removal van, to transporting the fish and setting up temporary ponds and filter systems whilst their new pond is being constructed.

We also give important pre-shipment advise.

Packing & Transportation can Include

- Pre-packing tips and advise
- Packing prior to moving
- High quality triple koi bags
- Packed in pure oxygen
- Boxes available (subject to availability)
- fish transportation
- Installation of temporary pond, filter and pumps available
- Temporary pond hire service
- Filter, pump and air blower hire service
- Acclimatising & Releasing fish
- Fully cover pond to avoid jumping after release
- Packed for up to 48 hours in box
- Important and Export packing service available

Fish packing service from £195-00 + VAT!

Please note that Fish move prices are estimated individually depending on the amount of fish, the side of the fish and the transportation distance!

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asked questions

How often should I clean my Koi pond?

Obviously it's best to keep your pond as clean as possible. The goal of your pond shouldn’t be for the fish to simply survive, but thrive instead. They can only do this while the Koi are healthy and in a caring environment. We recommend a thorough pond cleaning at least once a year, typically in the spring, to remove debris and ensure a healthy environment for your fish.

What's included in a standard pond cleaning service?

Each pond will have a different cleaning needs and therefore our service may not be the exact same from pond to pond. Our standard pond cleaning service includes removing debris, cleaning the pond liner, trimming aquatic plants, and checking the Koi pond filtration system. Check the full list above for a breakdown of all the services we can help with

My pond water is cloudy. Can this be repaired?

Cloudy water often indicates water quality problems. This may be due to a number of reasons that it would be best to contact us so that we can make a full diagnosis of the issue. Solutions can range from a new recommended filtration and water treatment solutions.

Can I clean my pond myself, or should I hire professionals?

Of course you can always handle pond cleaning by yourselves. What you get from hiring a professional is a service full of skilled people who have done this process multiple times and knows the most efficient and safe way of cleaning your pond and ensuring that the Koi fish stay healthy. We can also prevent overlooked issues or any issues that may not seem obvious at a first glance.

How do I prepare my Koi for pond cleaning?

Leave the work to us. We offer a full service meaning that we'll guide and help you on safely relocating your Koi to a temporary holding tank during the cleaning process to minimise stress.

Do you provide fish-safe cleaning products?

We make sure that all the products we use are fish safe and will not harm the Koi that are in your pond. We also make sure that they will leave the pond water in the best conditions after we leave, ensuring that your fish are as happy as they can be.

What's the best time of year to schedule a pond cleaning?

We would recommend getting your pond fully cleaned in Spring as it prepares your pond for the growing season. However, if this doesn’t work for yourselves then we offer cleaning services year-round.

Can pond cleaning help improve water quality?

Pond Cleaning partnered with a great pond filter that is the perfect size for your pond is the best partnership. With regular pond cleaning you can significantly improve water quality, ensuring a healthier environment for your fish and plants.

How long does a typical pond cleaning take to complete?

The duration varies based on the size and condition of your pond. On average, a standard cleaning may take a few hours to a full day. Please reach out to us and let us know the full details so we can give a better quote that fits your situation.

Can you clean large commercial or public ponds?

Yes, we will provide cleaning services for ponds of all sizes no matter what sort of pond you are looking to get cleaned, this includes commercial and public water features.

Is it necessary to drain the pond for cleaning?

Draining the entire pond is typically unnecessary for routine cleanings. We use water pumps to lower the water level temporarily.

How do I prevent algae growth after a pond cleaning?

Having a good pond filtration system can help but it's important to make sure that it is kitted with the right equipment to directly stop algae growth. We can recommend UV sterilisers and beneficial bacteria, to maintain water clarity post-cleaning.

Can you clean ponds with fish during the winter months?

We can perform partial cleanings in the winter without disturbing your fish's hibernation. Full cleanings are typically done in milder weather.

What's the cost of a typical pond cleaning service?

The cost of pond cleaning varies based on pond size and condition. Contact us for a free estimate tailored to your specific needs.
Our Pond maintenance and fish health visits are charged at £129.00 + VAT per hour (local rate),plus any additional goods/medications used during the visit.

How can I schedule a pond cleaning service with you?

If you are looking to get your pond cleaned today then the best way to make that happen is to easily schedule a pond cleaning service with us. Contact us through our website, or reach out to our phone or email. We'll work with you to find a convenient time.