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Fountains & Waterfalls

A waterfall can add the finishing touch to any pond, giving both tranquil sound and the visual effect of running water.

When selecting a waterfall or stream, consideration must be given to the surrounding landscape to ensure your chosen fall will compliment the existing rocks, paving and brickwork.

There are basically two types of waterfalls and streams.

Natural rock falls

These are constructed of natural rock and either prelined or fibreglassed to ensure water tightness. This type of waterfall construction can be the most aesthetically pleasing but is generally more expensive than a precast fall. Careful consideration must be given to the construction method and future settlement when installing a natural water fall, often weighing several tonne.

Pre-constructed waterfall and streams

The major benefit of this type of waterfall is that they are relatively inexpensive and offer leak proof guarantee. When pre-constructed falls were first introduced they were unrealistic and difficult to integrate into the surrounding landscape. However, over the last 20 years falls have been introduced that are more difficult to differentiate from their natural counterparts. These falls are constructed from concrete, fibreglass and polyurethane.

Koi Water Garden Waterfall & Fountain Installation

Our experienced landscapers will install both natural and pre-constructed waterfalls and rockeries to the highest standard. Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 0208 337 3337.