Cleaning & Maintenance Services

For over 30 years Koi Water Garden has offered professional on site services to assist our customers in every aspect of their hobby, from small water features and garden ponds, to high tech koi ponds and lakes.

Our experienced teams are fully trained to deal with virtually all pond products on the market. We have an extensive range of new products and spares in store and are able to resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

We are specialists in fish health, maintenance and pond cleaning. We are able to solve any pond issues from parasite problems to removal of blanketweed and duckweed.



We have 4 teams on the road carrying out maintenance on a daily basis. Whether you require an annual maintenance or a regular monthly contract, we are happy to tailor our visit to suit your requirements and budget.

We also undertake one off visits to maintain ponds or resolve issues, such as installation of a new pond pump or UV light.

Maintenance visits are not to be confused with a full pond clean where the fish are removed and the pond fully drained.

Pond Maintenance


There is no doubt that a full pond clean, where the fish are stored in an temporary holding pond prior to the pond being fully drained and jet washed, gives the customer the satisfaction of having their pond looking new again.

It is also a great opportunity to upgrade the pond pump and filter system, as well as checking for leaks to the pond liner.

We also repot marginal water plants and lilies whilst carrying out the pond clean.

Pond Cleaning


Koi Water Garden have been leading fish health specialists since 1992. Our team of experienced staff are responsible for the daily care of over 5000 fish.

We can diagnose most health issues on first inspection this will then be confirmed once further microscope skin scrapes and tests are undertaken.

The appropriate course of treatments will then be administered and advise given to reduce the risk of recurrence.

Fish Health Visits


Koi Water Gardens has packed and exported koi throughout the world. In some cases the koi have been packed and boxed for a total journey of up to 48 hours.

We regularly provide a service to local customers moving to new properties in the UK. For these customers, we can pack the fish to be placed on the removal van, to transporting the fish and setting up temporary ponds and filter systems whilst their new pond is being constructed.

We also give important pre-shipment advise.

Fish Packing & Transportation