A bespoke waterfall or stream construction, using natural rock will enhance any garden pond, both visually and acoustically. Be it a wildlife, mixed community pond or specialist koi pond, we pride ourselves in some of the larger projects we undertake. This often involves the installation of 30 to 70 Tonnes of rock, to create the most naturally desired effect.

We also undertake smaller projects, but each and every waterfall and stream created by the KWG team, has as much attention to detail, to ensure the maximum effect is achieved.

We also have a range of waterfalls, manufactured directly by ourselves in a natural rock effect, for more economical installations.

We construct a wide range of water features, for all types of residential and commercial uses, whatever your design. If you are looking for inspiration, we can assist you with any water features. Our features often include many benefits installed within our pond construction projects, such as hidden pipework, cables and drainage facilities.