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Tips & Advice

We have compiled the following seasonal tips and advice whcih you may find useful. By following these simple tips your fish and pond should remain in optimum condition.

If you have any additonal questions or require any further advice please contact us.

Please check all calculations. KWG accepts no responsibility for staff miscalculation or if inaccurate pond dimensions or gallonage is given.

Seasonal Advice Sheets

If you are setting up a new aquarium, it is advised that you download one of the sheets below and follow the instructions to ensure everything goes smoothly.

If you are setting up a new pond, please download the sheet below to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

Before using medication, please read the information sheets below.

It’s always a good idea to test your water reguarly, especially after water changes and treatments. Download the sheet below in order for you to log your water test results.

Reptile Information Sheets

Click here for all Reptile information and care sheets.