Blanketweed & Algae Treatments

As water begins to warm up in Spring, Algae begins to bloom and grow at a fast rate. Blanketweed is a form of algae that is very common in ponds and can block filtration and/or pumps if left untreated, as well as some species of fish that can get stuck in blanketweed. Ponds can also begin to look like a 'pea soup' which will begin to grow unless your UV filtration is on with a new bulb (UV bulbs should be changed every 6 months). There are many ways to sort out Algae and blanketweed issue including; treatments, plants, filtration, etc.


Blanketweed can spread if any amount is in your pond, a first step is to remove as much blanketweed as you can by hand. We then recommend a Blanket Answer treatment to kill any remaining weed. then a Sludge
Answer is added a week or so after to help remove any decaying reminding weed. For people who get these issues constanly we advise you add Pond Balance every month as a preventitive blanketweed and algae

Green Water & Algae

The main cause of green water due to a algae build up is the UV unit, either needing a new UV bulb, maintaining the UV unit or the UV filter being broken. We recommend changing your UV bulb every 6 months (as the UV bulb will only emitt UV efficiently for 6 months). When chang- ing your bulb you should make sure your quarz sleeve is clean and that the bull lights up when turned on. Once a new bulb is aded it can take a few weeks for the water to clean, a green water treatment can be used to speed up this process.