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About Koi & Water Gardens Ltd

Koi Water Garden was established in 1992 by Andrew Richards and John Caress. Between them they had over 45 years Koi keeping experience including a period of time spent living on a Japanese Koi farm. John retired and sold his interest in the company in 2007.

We have always prided ourselves on our superb reputation for fish health. All our Koi are quarantined for several months before sale - we believe Koi Water Garden is the only retail company in the UK with DEFRA approved quarantine facilities.

The UK’s Largest Selection of Japanese Koi

At Koi Water Garden we stock as many Japanese Koi as you'll see anywhere in the UK. We are one of only a few companies who import Koi directly from Japan, most use wholesalers or European agents. We regularly visit Japan to select high grade and showgrade Koi for our customers.

We are proud ofour reputation for having quality Koi at reasonable prices. Our Japanese Koi start from only £10 and go up to £10,000. Whatever you're looking for the chances are we'll have it amongst our stock of over 5000 fish.

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About our 2010

From October 2008 Koi Water Garden has constructed the prementioned off-site quarantine and growing on facilities, to view koi at this facility it is by weekend appointment only. Please contact us if you wish to book an appointment. This site is divided in to eleven fish houses totalling 80 ponds.

This has expanded during the years and Fish house 5-7 were constructed to expand our facility and increase the Capacity of the Quarantine site. In 2010 Koi Water Garden was forced to relocate from it's original store in Lower Morden Lane and fortunately found a freehold site only 500 metres from the original store. This new store in Epsom Road, Sutton, was constructed in amazing 5 weeks by Andrew and his incredibly hard working team of directors and staff.

Since then we constructed fish house 8 in 2020 for our jumbo Koi, Fish house 9 & 10 were completed in 2021. Fish house 11 will be completed in 2023 with 6 new ponds.

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Andrew Richards

Managing Director

Managing Director involved in all aspects of the koi industry since the early 80s and can speak Jopanese to a reasonable level

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Ben Mils

General Manager

Director and general manager, specialising in fishhealth, pond construction and maintenance. Ben has worked at Koi Garden since 2000.

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Helen Webb

Executive assistant

Executive assistant and head of accounts. Helen is responsible for accounting, Invoicing and making customer appointments.

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James Richards

Marketing Manager

Media Director, specialising in KWGs online services, Koi & lish health. He also has great knowledge of filter and pump systems. James has been working at Koi Water Garden since 2009.

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Tracey Richards

Director and company secretary

Tracey has been working at Koi Water Garden since 1994 and regularly works in our store.

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Gerry Devine

Office administration coordinator.

Gerry has been with us since 2019 and is responsible for invoicing and making customer appointments.

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Emily Richards

Administration Services Manager

You will find Emily helping out in the office or serving behind the till, Emily has worked here since 2013.

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Tom Bales

Senior Aquatic engineer

Tom has been with us since 2009 and is a specialist in pond construction, pump &Fiter installation, maintenance and fish health

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Simon Ashby

Aquatic engineer

Simon has been with us since 2015 and specialises in pond maintenance and pond cleaning along with good knowledge of fish health.

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Specialist GRP Applicator

Nico is our Expert fibreglasser and has been doingOur ponds for over a decode, he abo makes our own KWG filters and trickle towers.

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Our in house electrician wil help fix any electricalissue you have, and also installs the electrics for our pond builds and installations.


David Lavender

Aquatic Engineer

David started will us in 2021 and now specialises in pond maintenance, cleaning, fish health and Construction

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