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Our excellent reputation built over the past 30 years for construction of state of the art, future-proof ponds, designed and landscaped to the highest quality. Our attention to detail is something that we pride ourselves on and is apparent by the finish of our projects. We cater for everything from pond design and consultation to full pond construction.

We strongly feel that koi keeping, should be obtainable for everyone at any level and are always more than happy to offer assistance on all pond building projects. Whether building a high specification koi pond, or modest garden pond, using our pond expertise will ensure that you have the best possible system to suit your individual requirements. Having constructed thousands of ponds over the years, you can be rest assured that we can overcome any challenge presented to us.

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asked questions

How much space do I need for a Koi pond?

You should plan for at least 1,000 gallons for a Koi pond. You will need a larger pond size if you require higher stocks of Koi, without causing detriment to your water quality and clarity. This will ensure that your fish have plenty of room to swim around in and that the water won't get too dirty. If you need further help, our experts can help determine the ideal size during a consultation. If you need help deciding on your pond size please contact us and we can advise what pond would meet your needs and fish stock levels.

Can I have a Koi pond in a small backyard?

Absolutely! You don't need to have the largest space to build a Koi pond that not only can comfortably live in but one that you can be proud of as well. We can design custom Koi ponds to fit even small spaces, ensuring your fish have a comfortable and beautiful home.

What's the best location for my Koi pond?

Taking some time to find the best spot for your pond is really important. Choose a spot with ample sunlight but also some shade to prevent overheating. Avoid areas with overhanging trees to minimise leaf or other debris that may fall from the tree. We offer pond cleaning services if your pond does get too dirty, though!

How deep should my Koi pond be for winter?

When it gets cold, it's common for ponds to freeze over, which can be devastating to the fish. To provide more security for them, a minimum depth of 3 to 5 feet is recommended to prevent freezing to the pond's bottom, ensuring your Koi can survive the winter months.

What's the ideal water temperature for Koi?

Koi can survive in all climates from below zero in winter to the high temperatures in Summer. Koi thrive and get maximum growth in water temperatures between 24°C to 29°C (75°F and 85°F). We can help you maintain a comfortable temperature range year-round.

Once constructed, do I need a filtration system for my pond, even if it's small?

Yes, filtration is essential for water quality and fish health, regardless of pond size. A good filter will not only keep the water clear, allowing you to see your fish more clearly, but will also provide a healthy environment for your Koi fish to thrive in. We offer pond filtration pump options tailored to your specific needs. Get in touch if you need some assistance with finding the perfect filter for your pond.

Will you move my Koi fish from my old Pond into a new pond?

Of course, we provide a fish transportation service, meaning once your new pond has been constructed, we will be able to move the Koi over to their new home.

How do I prevent predators from getting to my Koi?

When constructing your pond, we will also take care to help you through protective measures, such as heron posts, line deterent, netting and underwater barriers, to deter predators like herons.

Can I add more Koi to my pond over time?

Yes, you can add more Koi, but it's essential to maintain a balanced fish-to-water ratio. Please see the FAQ above that goes over this point in more detail. We can advise on the appropriate number of fish based on your pond's size or methods that are available to get more fish if possible.