a man kneeling down to look at a fish in a pond

Pond Windows

Incorporating a pond window is an excellent way to change the dynamic in viewing your fish. Using bespoke steel frames and twin laminated glass we can guarantee a high quality installation, that will be the talking point of any pond. Whether an infinity window or fully framed window, we can install the most aesthetically pleasing pond windows to suit your design.

Pond windows also look fantastic at night time when illuminated with submersible lights that are recessed in our custom GRP lighting alcoves.

Having a pond window also has the added benefit of being able to view the beauty of your fish from a different aspect in your pond.

a man kneeling down to look at a fish in a pond
a building being constructed with bricks and cement
a water fountain in a garden with a stone wall behind it
a small pond with a waterfall in the middle of it
a small pond in a back yard next to a building

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