Terms, Conditions, and Refund Policy

1. In-Store purchases: Koi & Water Gardens Ltd DOES NOT under any circumstances give refunds on goods if you change your mind about wanting them. Refunds may be given if the goods are found to be defective as to quality, description or performance. If you change your mind about your purchase, please return the goods unused and in its original undamaged packaging to us with the original receipt within 14 days of purchase and we will offer you an exchange or a credit note. Custom made products or products altered to your specifications cannot be returned unless faulty.

2. On-line Purchases: If any item does not meet your expectations, you may return it within 14 days of receipt. Items must be returned unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. We DO NOT provide free returns for unwanted goods. Unfortunately, custom made products or products altered to your specifications cannot be returned unless faulty.

3. Faulty Goods/Returns: If your item is faulty please get in touch by emailing info@koiwatergarden.com If returning using your own courier / delivery service, please obtain proof of return from the carrier. We will not be held responsible for any goods that are lost or damaged in transit.  All products cannot be tried and tested.

4. Carriage Fees: Please note Koi & Water Gardens Ltd DO NOT cover delivery and collection costs of the goods to and from the repairer and some service centres may charge for this. Most goods will have been inspected by manufacturer or supplier to determine a repair or replacement. Any charge must be paid by you, the customer, directly to the service agent if applicable.

5. Statutory Rights: This does not affect your legal rights, including your right to claim a refund or a replacement, when the goods are faulty. Koi & Water Gardens Ltd refund policy does not affect your statutory rights.

6. Koi Payments: Koi can be paid for online with credit/debit card, by telephone by calling 0208 337 3337 and by PayPal online when placing your order. The total price payable will be stated at the time of your purchase. However, we are permitted to make changes to the price of koi/goods to account for any rises in suppliers pricing, or the addition of any tax/duties. We are also allowed to change prices if there is a pricing error published, even if the order has been confirmed or not. We will notify you and tell you the correct price, at this point we will give you the option to cancel the order or pay additional costs. Purchasers of Koi must be aged 16 or over and in trade sales cases, must have a pet shop license.

7. Koi Purchases from Japanese Trips: Koi purchased via daily emails, website or other forms of photographs from our trips to Japan vary to normal purchases made of fully quarantined Koi - the following applies:-

7a. Tosai (1-year-old Koi): require full payment to reserve and CAN NOT be exchanged for another koi at a later date.

7b. Nisai, Sansai, Yonsai (2-4 year-old Koi): All other Koi over 1 years old (Nisai and older) require a 50% deposit within 72 hours to reserve the koi, the second 50% payment is required 1 month before collection.

7c. Payment Terms & Dates: Koi Water Garden reserves the right to alter payment terms, dates and percentages from trip to trip.  Any changes will be clearly displayed on email and social media posts.

8. Koi Availability: All purchases are subject to the Koi being available.  As purchases can  be made direct to the office whilst we are in Japan and also via our website it may take several days for these to be updated – please always check with the office that a Koi is available.  In the event of a Koi already being sold prior to your purchase an alternative Koi or refund will be offered.

9. Exchange/Swapping of Nisai, Sansai & Yonsai: A selected koi can be exchanged to another fish, of the same value or higher, before the collection date without loss of deposit (excluding Tosai), Swapping fish more than once in total will incur a £25.00 admin fee, for each change of fish and must be on a fish for fish basis. Several koi cannot be changed for a single fish, without loss of deposit.  No exchange of Koi is permitted 30 days after the original scheduled collection date.

10. Special Orders in Japan:
If a Koi is ordered and purchased via photographs and videos whilst we are still in Japan, exchange or refund will not be permitted under any circumstances.

11. All Deposits Non Refundable: Once a Koi has been selected, confirmed available and deposited a contract has been formed.  No refund of deposits will be permitted under any circumstances, however, the swapping of Nisai and Sansai is permitted as per our these terms and conditions.

12. Sex & Size: Fish are sometimes sexed when purchasing from the farms. The sex is determined from discussions with the breeders and our own testing. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy when testing one and two-year-old koi. We do not accept any claims if the sex proves inaccurate. Fish sizes are estimated in centimetres please appreciate that even fish that are measured may vary by the time quarantine period is completed. We also do not accept claims where the fish vary slightly to the quoted size.

13. DOA: If a Koi selected during one of our trips to Japan fails to reach the UK, is dead on arrival or is lost during quarantine at Koi Water Garden we will offer a replacement of equivalent value this can be of different variety and size and will be subject to the customers approval before delivery/collection.

14. Delivery charges are shown when placing an order, however, additional shipping charges will apply if the number of Koi or size of Koi won’t fit in a single box for delivery (to ensure the koi are delivered safely). Customers MUST be available to accept koi deliveries without fail.

15.Health: All Koi have a health inspection and are prepped for shipping or collection in advance, making sure they are fasted, acting naturally, healthy and ready to be transported.  If we are not happy to dispatch a Koi for any reason including health or weather conditions Koi Water Garden reserves the right to delay shipment.  Refunds are not permitted due to this.

16. Uncollected fish: Koi Water Garden quarantine facility and procedure has the highest rating in the UK.  All Koi are quarantined for a minimum of 12 weeks and it is very important that the customers pond is at the appropriate temperature and the fish are in good health prior to receiving new arrivals.  We are happy to delay collection/delivery of reserved Koi subject to the following fees.

16a. Purchases between 1st October to 31st March: From date of purchase, Koi bought from our Japan trip (then held at our quarantine) are held free of charge until 1st May. After 1st May you will be charged £1 a day fish holding fee.  If Koi are not collected 90 days after the original scheduled collection day the holding fee will increase to £2 per day.

16b. Purchases between 1st April to 1st August: From date of purchase, Koi bought from our Japan trip (then held at our quarantine) are held free of charge until 1st September. After 1st September you will be charged £1 a day fish holding fee. If Koi are not collected 90 days after the original scheduled collection day the holding fee will increase to £2 per day.

17. Late Payment: If any payment is overdue by 60 days or more Koi Water Gardens reserves the right to sell the fish or product to cover the arrears, this includes unpaid fish holding fees.

18. Customer knowledge: The Japanese Koi that are sold to you, are done so, on the assumption that you know and understand the basic requirements of keeping koi. If you are unsure of the requirements needed for keeping Koi or have any health or water quality issues you wish to discuss with an experienced professional please contact us on 0208 337 3337 or info@koiwatergarden.com where we can assist you.

19. Livestock CAN NOT be returned under any circumstances, once Livestock is Dispatched they are ‘perishable’ and ‘liable to deteriorate’, therefore fish CANNOT be cancelled and livestock CANNOT be returned. Once any livestock has been sent or received, it CANNOT be returned, due to Biosecurity at our CEFAS rated quarantine facility. Where livestock or water from other ponds outside our facility, CANNOT enter the facility or the facilities ponds, under any circumstances. If your fish do not reach you in good health, you have to tell us immediately once it has been delivered. The evidence we request must be provided before any form of replacement/refund can be issued.

20. Fish delivery by courier: Fish delivery by courier will be sent out on a mutually agreed shipment date.  This is subject to KWG discretion and consideration will be made to water temperature, fish health, shipment preparation including starvation period, outside temperatures and courier arrival dates.  If a shipmentis not convenient KWG will hold for up to one month free of charge whilst a convenient date is found.  No refund is available if fish cannot be delivered for any of the above reasons on a customers preferred date.

21. Alterations to term and conditions: Koi Water Garden reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without prior notice.