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Pond Design

Many of the designs found regularly on koi ponds, have been pioneered by Koi Water Garden over the past 30 years. Efficiency and aesthetics are always high on our agenda and the quality of koi ponds, produced by the KWG team, are some of the most beautiful and high tech ponds in the UK and globally.

Our pond construction projects incorporate the most modern technology, keeping factors such as running costs, accessibility and ease of use into the forefront of the design. We design all systems with future proofing in mind, therefore we can improve your pond as technology advances. We work with both home owners, as well as architects to design a pond and associated filtration from court yard gardens up to open plan areas.

We can design, build or part build natural water pools or modern koi ponds to fit seamlessly into the aesthetics of your garden surroundings.

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a house under construction with a pool in the middle of it
a map of a city with a lot of buildings
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