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KWG In Japan

Since our first visit in 1987, we have regularly visited Japan every year to select the highest quality koi available, as they are harvested directly from the breeder's mud ponds. Over the past 30 years we have built up some very close working relationships, which includes a season working at Kamihata, one of the most iconic koi farms.

This often enables us to have the privilege of being offered Koi from 'secret' fish houses, as well as first selections from their harvests. We pay particular attention that every koi is hand selected with care, ensuring they are free of any damage or deformities. Every Koi must also reach our extremely high standard of quality (we never buy koi blindly in box quantities). Our philosophy is that every koi that we select has to be good enough for us to grow on further, if it does not sell in the meantime.

Japanese Koi For Sale
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The current generation of Koi breeders in japan are now often into their fourth generation. The techniques passed on by previous generations, over the last half a century, has ensured the quality of Koi around the world has increased. Original bloodlines from the likes of Dainichi, Sakai & Matsunoske canstill be found in production today.

Andrew and Ben have regular discussions in Japanese) with specialist breeders such as, Hoshikin, Hirasawa & Kaneko, discussing how successful this year's breeding has been, along with any changes to their bloodline they have made. This helps with our selection of Tatego for the next year. Growing on Koi in our facility helps us witness first hand different bloodline traits, along with how they develop in the UK climate.

In late Spring, it is often a family affair that begins the selection process starting off with millions of Koi fry. Throughout the Season, these baby Koi are heavily selected, ensuring only the very best Koi are grown on further in their valuable mud ponds.

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