Important instructions when adding treatment
Ensure water temperature is a minimum of 10°C / 50'F.
2) Mix both treatments and dilute with pond water.
3 Sprinkle evenly over the surface of the pond.
4) Turn UV off for 2 days (leave pump running.)
5) Stop feeding for 2 days (including day of treatment.)

6) Ensure sufficient oxygen is added to your pond.
Keep biological filter running.
8) DO NOT use any other treatments for a minimum of 7 days before or after use of malachite and formalin.

Repeat medication after 7 days (steps 1 - 8 apply)
If you have any doubts please phone before adding any medication.
After adding medication
A) Reduce feed for 1 week.
B) Test water daily for Ammonia, Nitrite and PH.
C) Add filter start, to re-establish filter bacteria.

Ensure watering can has not previously been used for garden chemicals.
Avoid treating the pond on very hot days.
Ensure salt level within the pond is below ¼ oz per gallon. (0.16 %)
Store Malachite and Formalin in a cool dark place.
Ensure Formalin is clear before use - Never use cloudy Formalin.