30 Minute salt dip and when to do it
This salt dip is ideal in the following situation:
When adding a new fish to an existing collection.
When a new fish has failed to settle and isn't shoaling with the other fish.
When a particular fish is sulking and water parameters are good.
To reduce parasite levels on an infected fish.
To reduce parasite levels when it is too warm to use other chemicals.
ONLY USE PDV SALT (NB 25kg bag at KWG)
DOSAGE: 2½ oz (71grams) of salt per gallon (4.54 litres.)

Important instructions when adding treatment
1) Use a suitably sized round koi bowl (Bowl must be at least 12" in diameter longer than the fish)
2) Fill the bowl with pond water using a 3 gallon bucket, noting how much pond water has been added. (Ensure
water does not contain Formalin or Potassium Permanganate solutions.) NB: Add sufficient water to cover the
fish by at least 4" (10cm.)
3) Add salt at a rate of 2 ½ oz per gallon. E.G To 10 gallons add 25 oz salt (710 grams / 1.25%) Stir vigorously until
all salt has dissolved.
4) Use a air pump and air stone to add plentiful aeration.
5) Now add the fish using a suitable Koi sock. Do not lift fish in a coarse net as this can damage the fish
6) Watch the fish continuously for the full 30 minutes of the dip.
7) Return the fish back to the pond when the 30 minute period has elapsed.
If the fish turns over on its side or is looking extremely distressed, return the fish back to the pond immediately.
Some fish even when healthy are unable to cope with a salt dip. Also some very sick koi may be unable to cope
with this dip.
8) On returning the fish to the pond note its behaviour for the rest of the day.
If you consider the fish has responded well, repeat the dip every other day for the total of three dips, following
steps 1 to 8.