This morning it was still raining heavily when we woke, and rained and rained all day and still is. 

The mountains were quieter than expected throughout the day. We still managed to buy some lovely Koi so perhaps the rain was advantageous!

The All Japan show multiple winning Goshiki breeder KANNO was our first farm to visit. Hirasawa San is now taking over control from his father and they're both doing an excellent job producing superb Goshiki along with several other varieties. 

We selected some very nice Nisai Goshiki and Tancho Goshiki here (see video WhatsApp groups). The grey skin on these koi turns to black once settled in our U.K. water.

Our 2nd and 3rd appointments were to select small koi at Kawakame (see tomorrow) and Isa - we were extremely happy with both selections at these farms.

As  the rain continued we stopped at Yamanaka Oya, Nagashima, Yagenji, Marudo, Aoki, Marusaka, Marusei and Saito.

Some nice koi were purchased at some of these farms. We also gathered some important harvest information and made several appointments.

The Saito Karashigoi are worth looking at if you want Jumbo koi,  he uses Marudo x Konnishi as his bloodline, and from experience we know these koi grow fast with superb body structure.

We will continue to use the office email (info@koiwatergarden.com) to send the Daily news and new koi update - if you can please what's me (07976 832773) with any orders. I will confirm an order within 24 hrs - if not chase me !

Thank you for your orders yesterday and your interest in our harvest trip to Japan. We really appreciate it. Without your support our wives would definitely say we were going on holiday !! 😂

Please also feel free to WhatsApp any questions or for  advice. If you are unsure what koi to purchase with so many new options coming daily - the koi are fresh in our minds and we are here to help and assist your selection.

Thank for all your orders to date Helen is out of the office until Monday - please ensure deposits are paid via bank or if phoning please quote invoice number to Tracey or James 

Andrew & Ben

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