After breakfast, we made our way up to Yamakoshi to view an Aoki Masaki harvest - We like to purchase Goshiki from Aoki San, as possibly the best, Goshiki we have ever imported, came from this farm as a £395 koi - within 18 months it was All Japan show quality !! 

We also selected some Asagi with good bodies and red cheeks and bellies ! (See tomorrows email) 

We then stopped at several breeders prior to making our way to Maruboshi - a traditional breeder who only produces Kohaku - we were looking for something special and boy did we succeed ! (please view WhatsApp groups) 

Several breeders were visited over the next few hours, including Isa (Showa) Izumiya (yamabuki) and Abe (Goshiki and go-sanke) before stopping at Marusei old house to photograph yesterdays purchases. 

Some of todays Koi will be sent tomorrow as James is away for a couple of days and Ben's struggling to keep up with the computer work for all our new purchases after we finish on the farms. 

Thank you all for your orders yesterday and during our whole trip - we really appreciate your support and interest - without it we wouldn't be here ! I hope your enjoying the WhatsApp posts as well.

We are still looking for various "missing" koi and unfulfilled orders but harvests are starting to slow down as many of smaller breeders have now finished harvesting. If you are waiting just in case something better comes up - now is the time to order to avoid disappointment. 

Enjoy tonight's photos - some great koi for you to view including a few new Kawakame Goshiki for those who missed out on the first batch. 

Many Thanks

Andrew & Ben 

To Order please email 


Whatsapp 07976 832773

To make deposit payment please Call the Uk office 

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