After a late night with friends at a karaoke bar we had little problem actually sleeping through to our alarm this morning!! 

Once we had finished breakfast, we headed to MARUHIDE to view his Doitsu Gosanke harvested the previous afternoon. We selected 6 x Doitsu Kohaku and Sanke prior to moving on to go to AOKI MASAKI Koi Farm. 

Aoki San he's a very nice and friendly guy and we selected some nice fish prior to making arrangements to view his next harvest later in the week. 

We continued our drive through Yamakoshi stopping at several farms prior to making our way to OTSUKA. This Farm is very famous for unusual koi varieties as well as Asagi and Aka Matsuba. There was limited availability of large koi available. A couple of highlights here was being able to purchase some Aka Matsuba from his Cherry bloodline, along with finding some Karasugoi (Crow Koi) that have red bellies! We also purchased some other very interesting small koi. 

HOSOKAI Koi Farm was our last farm of the day. This is a farm I used to purchase many Koi from the original Shacho (Boss) ; however, since the farm was passed down to the Son, I hadn't been able to purchase from him for many years. However, today we arrived just after harvest had been unloaded and were able to pick some very unusual koi, including a stunning Kujaku and some  small Asagi which used to be its farms show winning variety. 

Hopefully you are enjoying the daily new koi emails and also the videos being sent via WhatsApp - well,  more than the poor people in the karaoke bar last night, who had to listen to Ben and I singing incredibly poorly🎤🎤😂😂

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Andrew and Ben 

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