Today was our first day in the mountains.

I woke up bright and early (3am!) We had our usual hotel breakfast before heading out to the mountains at 7.30am. 

There are around 200 farms in the mountain region although not all of these farms can export to Europe due to not being 'guideline' breeders

We visited 25 farms today to say a quick hello to many of the breeders that we have dealt with for nearly 30 years. 

We gained a lot of harvest information and now have a clear diary for the next 4-5 days of harvests that we will be able to meet on arrival. 

Many of the farmers have only just started harvesting and although we saw many koi, we also saw many empty ponds awaiting their new arrivals

We met Kyotan who is famous for his Tancho. Kohau and Sanke. Yogoro was also harvesting Sansai as we arrived and gave us forthcoming information for his Dainichi bloodline harvest.

Izumiya had surprisingly harvested his 1mtr bloodline Yamabuki Ogon early and these koi were already an impressive 55cm +. As they age, their colour will darken and these big bodies Ogons become really impressive. 

Following our visit to Izumiya, we visited Miyatora and found some nice Doitsu Showa and Shiro Utsuri along with some other high quality varieties.

Our final stop was to return to Marusei where we had spotted some lovely Hi Utsuri, Mizuho Ogon and very clean Jumbo lineage Chagoi from his famous 117cm bloodline. 

Enjoy our first fish - there will be plenty more to come over the next two weeks however some of the varieties purchased today are always scarce so if you see something you like then please don't hesitate to reserve it straight away as we cannot guarantee that any more will be sourced. 

To order whilst we are in Japan please use the following email address It is always good to back this up by a WhatsApp message to Andrew on 07976 832 773.

Due to the time difference, please contact Andrew and Ben directly in Japan rather than emailing the office as orders are taken on a first come first serve basis to avoid disappointment.  

Kind Regards,

Andrew & Ben

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