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One of the Sad elements of coming to Japan is when a breeder stops breeding! Usually in their early 80s they pass down the farm to their eldest son and the relationship continues.

This year, Hasegawa san is closing his farm. I first met Hasegawa San whilst working in Japan in 1987, and over the last 5 to 10 years we've had the privilege of often selecting first from his Nisai Kohaku harvest

Hasegawa koi farm is run by  Mr and Mrs Hasegawa - no staff, occasional helpers, and they only ever really breed Toimen bloodline Kohaku. Twice over the last 30 years, he introduced new blood in Manzo and Murata but the bloodline remains one of the purest kohaku bloodlines in Japan. Amazingly over the last five years he has produced some of his best kohaku - simply by swapping the male parents around !

Hasegawa San has struggled with his health over the last year or so, and unfortunately his son does not wish to continue the koi business.

We hope another breeder will take his parent koi and continue his life's work and bloodline but it will never be the same.

We have some of the last kohaku and Tancho he produced still available - once gone we unfortunately won't ever have them again.

Thank you Hasegawa San for the many great koi and also the early morning Coffee and chocolates. We will certainly miss them.

Email 15 will follow tomorrow and will include all the purchases we made on our last day that we were unable to process in time.

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