We are now close to finishing our trip. As the buying started well the pressure was now off and therefore we started our penultimate day visiting a few farms adding only a few koi to the existing selection to fulfil some orders.

After yet another visit to the photo shop (I'm sure they will miss us!) We made our way to HOSHIKIN Koi farm. Famous for Kohaku and more recently many stunning Showa using the world famous DAINICHI bloodline - and as Hoshikin and Dainichi are literally 50meters apart this is quite handy! After lengthy negotiations we selected some Tategoi from the female pond. Our previous harvest selection from Hoshikin developed incredibly well in both customers and our own main pond at Banstead.

If you are looking for a high class jumbo Nisai Showa you now have these and the Sekiguchi koi to select from. Both farms nisai are around 50-53 cm and the Sansai are usually 65-70cm and at least triple the price!

Today we have posted our Jumbo Sansai and Yonsei selection from Marusei yesterday and also some high quality nisai we also selected yesterday. I've also added a selection of tosai, as these have been incredibly popular and some other individual koi we selected over the last couple of days.

Tomorrow will be our last visit to the mountains prior to departing for Tokyo.