Konnichi Wa,

 After another good night's sleep, we left early as we had heard that Kawakame was starting his Nisai harvesting. 

We were fortunate to arrive first, and get the first selection from his new Nisai collection of Goshiki (see video on WhatsApp). 

We then moved to a second pond and selected some kohaku with lovely deep Beni qualities. As we were leaving there were over 15 people waiting to start selecting ! 

We then drove to Yamakoshi and Mushigame mountains, stopping by at Aoki, Nagashima, Iwashita before selecting at Yagengi. Some Shiro Utsuri with great potential, some Kikusui with great lusture along with a selection of Go- Sanke were purchased from this superb breeder. 

Yogoro Koi Farm with his Dainichi bloodline koi (he also works at Dainichi) was our next farm and again we were very happy with the Tancho, HiUtsuri and Gin Rin Sanke that we found. 

The busy day continued with brief stops at 12 other breeders prior to purchasing some lovely Doitsu Kohaku and Sanke at Maruhide - these will be on tomorrow's email, as we will be going out later tonight, so will not have time to process all our selections.

 Thank you again for your orders, all of which have been confirmed, so if you've not heard please contact me immediately.

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 Enjoy tonight's photos Andrew & Ben

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Domo Arigato 

Andrew San & Ben San

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