How the highest ranked Japanese Koi quarantine facility in the UK operates

Supplying our customers with strong & healthy Japanese koi has always been the number one priority at Koi Water Garden.

We are proud that our facility not only has the highest rating for quarantine and Biosecurity in the UK, but we also insist on every koi undertaking three heat ramping and cooling cycles over a minimum of 12 weeks - No other company in the UK has such astringent quarantine procedure.

In 2006 when KHV became a major concern to the koi industry, we made the decision to purchase the facility in Surrey, that now houses over 70 ponds in 10 separate fish houses; all of which have the highest possible CEFAS rating for quarantine and Biosecurity.

Once the newly imported koi are rested in their individual systems separated by each breeder, we commence raising the temperature up to 25C for the first heat cycle. Once they reach temperature they are held at 25C for 17 days. We then gradually cool the koi down to 12 -14C.

Once this period is complete, we begin raising the temperature and repeat the process a further two times. During the quarantine period, all koi are regularly screened for parasite and bacterial problems and treated appropriately. Only completion of the heat ramping and cooling do we then start to mix different breeders koi to enable them to adapt to different bacteria’s. Before every shipment, we sterilize every system using Caustic soda ensuring that the pH reaches a minimum of 12. After 72hours, the ponds are drained, jet washed, scrubbed and left to dry for a minimum of 7 days. We then refill with conditioned water in preparation for the new shipment.

Fish house 8 - The Jumbo Koi House

Fish House 1 - After refurbishment