We woke at 6 am after another three hours of sleep to a rainy autumn day.

After our Japanese Breakfast we set off to the mountains to visit Shinoda and Hiroi Conias, both breeders had new harvests yesterday. We felt the majority of Koi available did not warrant the prices requested. We will visit both farms later in the week to see new harvest as they arrive. 

We then moved on to Maruboshi, a very famous Kohaku only breeder. Sadly, the second Maruboshi brother is retiring at the end of this year, so the farm is closing, so it was our last  opportunity to purchase their stunning Kohaku. Hopefully another breeder will purchase his parent Koi and continue the bloodline.

We spoke in detail about his Koi before selecting from his Tategoi (Koi with high potential) pond ~  absolutely stunning (I’m sure  those of you who have seen the whatsapp video will agree with me). We then moved onto his Sansai (3year) pond and selected 2 x beautiful Kohaku before saying goodbye. It’s always sad when a Koi Master retires. 

We then drove back up the mountain to see Tanaka Kazehiro. Tanaka san is a really nice guy.  He is known for shusui and yuki (snow) asagi. We popped back into Hirashin to discuss harvest schedules before moving onto another Kohaku breeder ~ Kansuke. Often customers imagine that it must be easy for us to collect high quality Kohaku! This isn’t the case, High quality Koi are very difficult to find even the popular varieties.

Our last appointment at Seijuro Koi farm to meet a small Nisai (2year) harvest of Showa and Sanke. We arrived early and around 30 minutes later the breeder's son arrived with the harvest. I helped him unload the truck selecting 3 tategoi in the process. Seijuro uses famous Sakai Hiroshima Jumbo Sanke bloodline. The largest Sanke was 56 cm and only 18 months old !!

We made our way back to the hotel via our favourite Ramen restaurant. There are very few lunch options in the mountains so the extra large pork Ramen went down very nicely.

Enjoy today’s photos. We also have managed to complete the Koi, purchased at Tani farm and have added nose to this email.

Thank you for all your orders yesterday. Please remember to email all orders direct to us in Japan; 

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Many Thanks

Andrew & Ben 

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