Bright sunshine greeted us again today as we woke and made our way to the mountains. We have been incredibly lucky with the weather so far and are still in shorts and T-shirts.

Aoki koi farm was our first call of the day - clean, tidy and professionally run and breathtaking Koi is the best way to summarise this Farm. Just as we arrived, Aoki San was leaving for a sansai harvest. I have known him for many years, so he was happy for us to select from his ponds in his absence. We selected some beautiful bright unusual Hikarimono with great scalation along with 2 lovely Kuro Goshiki 

We then visited Oofuchi and Koda (who unusually had few fish available) before making our way to the main visit of the day - TAKAHASHI Koi Farm. 

Takahashi San has given us the privilege of first harvest selection for several years and today, we were selecting from his first big nisai harvest. 

We chose koi from all three Nisai ponds, selecting some stunning Doitsu Sanke, Showa and Gin RinShowa along with some striking Beni Kumonryu. 

Our day was concluded at Tsuna Koi farm, sadly Tsuna San is struggling with a bad back, but his staff returned with a Sansai harvest soon after our arrival. 

Some striking examples of Tsuna, famous Beni Kujaku and Beni Kikokuryu were amongst the new harvest  and we selected the best of these directly from the truck. Take a good look at these excellent Koi 

Thank you for all yesterdays orders we have some super smaller koi coming over the next few days, but, tonight take a close look at the Nisai as so many good Koi available in this email

All the best

Domo Arigato Andrew San & Ben San

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