Konnichi Wa 

Today was our penultimate day in the mountains and we have now made most of our purchases. We are now spending majority of our time quickly driving from farm to farm, looking for individual fish for customers. 

This weekend, there is a big Koi show in the area and the breeders have to help to set up the show and exhibit their Koi, therefore not so many harvests are arriving at the farms.

We visited around 10 farms today making several purchases in the process. 

We have several customers who have requested longfin/butterfly Koi, The Japanese call them HIRENGA. Suda Koi Farm is always the first option to purchase Hirenga. Suda san is a very nice friendly guy, and we have been out on for meals on several occasions with him. It was his father, who first produced Hirenga by crossing an Indonesian black carp with a Hi Utsuri around 60 years ago. 

Suda San also breeds very good Showa, and had harvested the first Nisai yesterday. We selected 2 very nice females with great potential prior to selecting some very beautiful Hirenga with superb finage. We also selected 2 x Tancho Goshiki from Otsuka bloodline. 

The afternoon was also spent looking for individual koi, with some success. Every year is different and the one complaint is that we never get everything we wish for. There are good years and bad ones and this year has been pretty good. I do not envisage that we will be purchasing a great deal tomorrow, although we never know as I have made 8 appointments, so may be lucky!

Ben and I are going out with friends tonight, therefore this email it’s a little earlier than usual and today’s purchases have not all been completed, these will be added to tomorrow’s email / post. 

Thank you, as always for last night’s orders. Everyone should’ve received confirmation of their order although I am a little behind in sending Helen the paperwork so deposit invoices might be a little late. If you have not received confirmation by Whatsapp from me please contact us immediately. 

If you have been waiting to see all the koi prior to ordering ~ I strongly recommend you order now to avoid disappointment. 

Kind Regards,

Andrew,Ben,Helen,James & all the KWG team 

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To make deposit payment please Call the Uk office 

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