For once the alarm woke me at 6am - I always wake up before an alarm so last night must have been a heavy one !! We had a lovely meal with friends at a Yakiniku restaurant (Korean BBQ) then moved onto a bar for a few extra drinks - luckily for them - no Karaoke !!

After loading the car with our 7 (yes 7) bags and checking out at our hotel - we headed off to the mountains with the intention of trying to find a few missing koi and then catching the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo early afternoon - WRONG!!

We started at Yamanaka oya and finally managed to find his NEW VARIETY - Ayawakaba. This is a rare koi bred originally bred from Midorigoi so we were pleased to select the best 4 from the harvest along with a Jumbo bodied Midorigoi that a customer has requested.

We then made a visit to Maruboshi and purchased one of the best koi we have ever had. Absolutely stunning 5 year old 71cm female Jumbo Kohaku Tategoi - just wow.

After dropping off a few more farms such as Oofuchi, Kansuke, Torazo, selecting a few koi in the process we were just about to call it a day when we had a call from Takahashi advising he had harvested 2 more mud ponds. We left for Koide area which is around a 45 min drive, and it was certainly worth the journey. Some beautiful Showa, Gin Rin Showa, Kohaku, Doitsu Gosanke and his unusual  Ki Kikokuryu were selected prior to heading back to Nagaoka station to catch a much later than planned Shinkansen

We are working on todays email as we head back to Tokyo and will be unable to complete the labelling of so many koi now prior to sending. We plan to send 2 more emails to conclude our trip.

THANK YOU so much for your interest, kind comments, encouragement and of course for your orders over the last 21/2 weeks. I hope you have enjoyed the new WhatsApp video group as well. We really appreciate your support.

I would also like to say a big thank you to Ben for working (yes we call it that) for 18 hours a day 18 days straight - I guess this is around 25 trips to Japan we have shared and our love for koi certainly never diminishes.

Thanks also to Helen, James and Gerry in the office for assisting with the email / posts and invoicing.

Please feel free to WhatsApp any question or assistance with selecting from our huge range of stunning koi - please bear in mind we are now travelling so answers may take a little longer

Domo Arigato

Andrew & Ben 

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