Transporting and releasing new Koi into your pond
1) Place bag in car sideways on to ensure minimal water movement whilst driving home.

2) Float fish for a minimum of 30 minutes (for up to 1 hour, for large differences in temperature) in a closed bag to ensure sufficient oxygen level remains. (Koi properly packed can survive over 24 hours in an oxygenated bag.)

3) Ideally, open bag and lift Koi into pond. Try to avoid mixing the water from the bag with that in your pond.

4) Ideally, cover pond totally when introducing new stocks, paying special attention to areas where the water returns, or where air is being added as fish will always jump in a new environment, and they will be most likely to jump in such areas. After 3-7 days if Koi no longer show signs on jumping, then it is probably safe to remove covers/netting. Even after this period still watch carefully for fish jumping.

5) Watch Koi carefully. Sometimes the mixing of old healthy fish and new healthy fish can result in cross infection even if parasites / bacteria were not present on either fish.

6) In the unlikely event that problems do occur, seek advice immediately from the centre where you purchased the fish from. They can not help cure a fish that has already died.