After 5000 hours (approximately six months) UV bulbs lose their effectiveness and therefore require replacing.

A February change will ensure the UV bulb is working at its maximum efficiency during early spring when most required.

1. Before changing the UV bulb turn off to isolate the electrical supply.
2. Unscrew safety cap then pull off rubber end caps and carefully remove the old UV bulb.
3. Unscrew the threaded plastic end caps and carefully remove the quartz sleeve (the glass tube the bulb sits inside) wipe the Quartz clean and return to the unit. Important: If the quartz sleeve is at all damaged replace it, otherwise water will leak into the electrics.
4. It is also good practice to replace the O-ring seals yearly to avoid water leaking into the UV electrics.
5. Reverse the steps taken in 1 to 4 to reassemble the UV unit

All UV bulbs are stocked at our store
(non-standard bulbs can be ordered depending on brand/supplier)