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Fish House 8 Construction

Fish house 8 was constructed with the view of displaying some of the best stocks of Japanese koi in the UK. The 5 individually heated and filtered ponds are CEFAS approved and showcase our own range of trickle towers, along with Oase drum filters and moving beds. The fish house was designed to be fully automated needing only minimal human interaction, using technology that can be mirrored into our customer’s own pond constructions.

The fully insulated GRP ponds help maintain a temperature of up to 25 degrees throughout the year. A high turnover of at least once per hour is gravity fed from 4” bottom drains, mid feeds and skimmers which are operated by low wattage Oase Pumps.

Along with koi sales, the purpose of this fish house is to grow and improve high quality Japanese koi using the same systems as we install on our customer’s ponds.

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