a row of green sinks in a large room

Fish House 5 Construction

Due to the continued expansion of our quarantine facility, fish house 5 was constructed with the purpose of being able to individually quarantine different koi breeder’s stocks in a bio secure manner.

This fish house comprises of 12 individually heated and filtered ponds and is given the highest accredited CEFAS quarantine rating. Every pond is GRP fibre glassed and comprises of 4” bottom drains and either drum, biologic or trickle tower filtration.

Each pond has two separate air supplies and each appliance is on a separate RCB reducing the risk of any electrical failure. Like in all of our fish houses, the roof is made of translucent material enabling high light input which is paramount to the health of the fish’s skin.

a picture of a construction site with a lot of tools
a row of green sinks in a large room
a kitchen filled with lots of appliances and a fire extinguisher
a green metal fence sitting on the side of a road
a room filled with lots of white mattresses

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