a small pond in the middle of a yard

Garden Ponds

Koi Water Garden regularly build ornamental ponds that incorporate planters, natural waterfalls and rockery surrounds, to enhance the look of any garden. Whether using concrete and fibreglass or butyl liner, special attention is paid to produce the most aesthetically pleasing garden pools.

The KWG team often install rockery and garden lighting to subtly illuminate certain aspects of the garden pond project, so it can be enjoyed throughout the evening.

We can plant or advise on a variety of flora in the pond planters, as well as surrounding rockery. Using plants that will do best in a particular position, this helps to soften the overall look of a new pond and blend it into the natural surroundings.

a small pond with a waterfall in the middle of it
a backyard pond with a bench in the middle of it
a small pond surrounded by rocks and plants
a wooden bridge over a body of water
a garden with a pond surrounded by rocks

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