a boat sitting on top of a pile of rocks

GRP Fibreglass

GRP is the ultimate method of waterproofing a pond and is superior to any other alternative methods. Fibreglass can be applied to any shape or size of pond and due to its durability is our preferred method of pond construction.

Rocks of any size can be installed into a properly constructed fibreglass pool with peace of mind.  The overall finish of our fibre glassing is second to none, due to the meticulous attention to detail we take in the preparation stages. The finish of the fibreglass is the one the fish will be living in so only perfection is good enough.

Our in-house GRP application specialist has been working in the industry for over 30 years and therefore has vast experience in every application. We can also construct custom fibreglass tanks to any size and specification. British racing green or black gel coat is the most preferred colour for a pond, however, virtually any colour can be requested using the GRP colour chart (*additional costs may apply).

a black boat sitting on top of a wooden dock
a large pool is being constructed in the middle of a yard
a couple of sinks in a room under construction
a group of wooden posts sticking out of the water
an outdoor hot tub in a garden

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