a small pond with a lot of fish in it

Heron Deterrent

Herons and other predatory animals are fast becoming a common problem in many garden ponds. There are various different heron deterrents on the market today, most of which herons quickly become wise to.

Our preferred method of heron deterrent is by means of using Heron posts and line strategically placed around the perimeter of the pond. This acts as a physical barrier to hinder the heron from getting into the pool, whilst being the most pleasing to the eye. This also keeps the surface of the pond clear to aid the viewing of your fish without having to look through an unsightly net.

a small pond with a waterfall in the middle of it
an umbrella sitting on top of a metal grate
a pool with a waterfall and a rock wall around it
a backyard with a pond and a stone walkway
a wooden deck with a metal grate on top of it

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