a pool with a waterfall and a bridge in the middle of it

Water Features

Another way of introducing the element of water to the garden can be by means of a beautiful water feature. Whether using a stainless steel water blade, a water fountain, or a granite monolith there are various ways we can introduce both the sight and sound of running water even in the smallest of gardens. It is a favourite design feature of ours to illuminate the moving water to make it the focal point in your garden.

Self-contained water features can be constructed in more space restrictive environments or larger commercial floating water fountains can be used where space is not an issue.

Water features can be installed on a timer or hand held remote giving you complete control of when your feature is operating.

a couple of men standing on top of a fountain
a small pool with a water feature in the middle of it
a fountain surrounded by flowers in a garden
a large waterfall is coming out of the water
a modern garden with grass and a large black table

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