a pond surrounded by lots of plants and flowers

Wildlife Ponds

Over the last three decades, we have constructed countless ponds where wildlife has flourished. These designs usually incorporate beached areas, planters, shallow pools, etc in order to provide easy accessibility for wildlife. An array of different planting is considered to naturally attract wildlife to the pond. Pumps and filtration are installed in the most ‘wildlife friendly’ manner, to encourage a variety of fauna.

From small frog pools up to larger duck ponds, we have successfully designed and built ecosystems where wildlife has thrived.

Many different construction methods can be used. Depending on the individual needs of the client, we can construct a wildlife pond with butyl liner or GRP fibreglass. Floating duck houses have also been very popular on our larger projects.

a garden with a pond surrounded by trees
a small pond with a waterfall in the middle of it
a pond with rocks and plants surrounding it
a small pond with a dock in the middle of it
a small pond with a dock in the middle of it

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