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Frequently Asked Questions

 When will my Koi be ready for collection/delivery?

Koi that have been reserved during our trip to Japan will be available once their 12-week quarantine is completed (three heat cycles). If quarantine is completed during a cold period, we will hold koi free of charge until April. Once the water temperatures are similar to outside and it is safe to be collected/delivered we will be in contact with you to organise a koi viewing or a courier delivery date.

When can I come and view the Koi at the Quarantine Facility?

Appointments for our Quarantine facility will be available once fish have completed their quarantine procedure, with three heat cycles. At that point, people can then view fish at the facility by booking an appointment with Andrew or the office. Koi viewings are usually from April to mid-October, but appointments can generally be made all year.

Where are your Koi purchased from?

All of our Koi are hand selected from Japan, Andrew, Ben and James visit Japan every year to select koi, as they are harvested directly from the breeder’s mud ponds. We pay particular attention that every koi is hand selected with care, ensuring they are free of any damage or deformities. Every Koi must also reach our extremely high standard of quality (we never buy koi blindly ‘by the box’). This ensures our stock is of the highest quality.

When are you next going to Japan?

The Main Koi Harvest season is from Mid-October every year; we always visit at this time. So, if you have any special Koi requests please discuss your requirements prior to our departure, so we can look for ‘special requests’ whilst we are in Japan. If you wish to receive our Daily Koi purchases whilst we are in Japan please email the office ( and ask to be put on our KWG in Japan email list.Where possible we will send videos via WhatsApp of any koi that we consider meet your requirements.

What makes a good Japanese Koi?

Body shape, bloodline (pedigree), pattern, depth of colour and uniqueness are all important considerations. We will always be happy to discuss any koi in detail prior to your purchase.

Are Japanese Koi the best?

Japan is the origin of Nishikigoi - Koi carp. Japanese koi are the best quality koi available in the world, the colours of Japanese koi have higher quality and definition through generations of specialist breeding in Japan. Other countries that produce Koi have significantly less experience and don’t have the superior Japanese koi bloodlines or depth of knowledge passed down through several generations of breeders over the last 150 years. There are hundreds of Koi breeders in Japan, many specialise in certain varieties that have taken several decades to perfect the parent bloodline.

What is the best size to buy koi?

This depends on the individual, we believe 30-40cm koi are the best size to buy, as you can see the quality and potential development at this size. However, some people like to purchase tosai (1-year-old koi of 10-20 cm) and watch them grow and develop. While other customers prefer to buy larger koi around 60cm, for an instant visual impact on the pond.

Can we take the koi before quarantine is completed and quarantine the fish ourselves?

No, our quarantine procedure & facility has the highest CEFAS rating of any koi company in the UK. Until the koi are fully quarantined and ready, this is non-negotiable.

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What people are saying

I had a great experience at KWG while viewing and buying koi. Andrew and James showed me around the facility and asked about my preferences, existing koi, and price range. They carefully selected potential koi and provided advice on identifying quality. Eventually, we narrowed it down to five high-quality fish that matched my preferences. The collaborative process, combining my interests and their expertise, was extremely satisfying. I'm confident in the quality of the koi I purchased and would gladly buy from Koi Water Garden again without any reservations.
Stan Branch
I recently visited Koi Water Garden to select some new koi. The facility housing the fish was exceptional, both in the variety and size available. Individual fish can be viewed in large bowls and comparison is easy. There are so many fish to choose from, that I can say virtually every variety is available. The quality of the fish and knowledge about them is very impressive.
Dr Robert Dupe
We've bought our koi from Koi Water Gardens over a few decades. The service has always been impeccable, friendly and very knowledgeable. It's an absolute joy visiting the facility for the variety, cleanliness and care that's given to the koi. It gives us utmost joy owning koi and Andrew and his team are ever so helpful.
Farida Gai
Fantastic trustworthy company who made me feel very comfortable when choosing a
selection of many of the highest quality Japanese koi fish. Will definitely be back for more.
Nathan Cayley
I had my pond renovated and upgraded by Koi & Water Gardens, and afterwards, I decided to get new fish. I visited their quarantine facility in Banstead and was impressed with the quality of the koi. I'm excited to go back there in the future for another purchase.
Edward Paine
I've been a customer of Koi Water Gardens for nearly ten years, and I have consistently found them to be highly helpful and knowledgeable. The quality of their koi is exceptional and of the highest order.
Andy Sturgess